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69% Of Managers’ Work Will Be Automated Before 2024

The use of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies (such as chatbots or virtual assistants) are rapidly advancing in companies. Because of this, Gartner predicts that by 2024 69% of managers’ tasks will be automated.

According to the consultant, today managers spend a lot of time managing merely administrative tasks. Thanks to AI they will be able to automate these processes and will spend more effort on learning, performance management and setting goals.

Undoubtedly, the role of the manager will be modified by AI and emerging technologies, allowing them to extend their degree of responsibility and influence in the team, without taking on administrative tasks.

More Artificial Intelligence Together With Responsible Policies

For Gartner experts, those charged with integrating AI-powered solutions into company processes are currently responsible for improving workers’ experience, developing their skills, and building responsible organizational policy in the use of this technology.

“These profiles will need to support a gradual transition to greater automation of management tasks as this functionality becomes increasingly available in more business applications.”

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Artificial Intelligence Will Foster Diversity In The Workplace

On the other hand, Gartner also indicates that thanks to automation there will be a change that will be reflected in more diverse teams within organizations. For example, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies make jobs more accessible to employees with disabilities.

This could help solve the talent shortage that 75% of managers responsible for attracting employees to talk about.

In addition, Gartner predicts that organizations that actively employ people with disabilities have 89% higher retention rates, in addition to enjoying a 72% increase in worker productivity and 29% growth in profitability.

Likewise, according to the consultant’s data, by 2023 the number of employed persons with disabilities will triple, precisely thanks to the reduction of barriers that these technologies bring.

Gartner concludes by adding that: “Organizations that by 2022 will not employ people with disabilities will lag behind their competitors.”


AI, along with other emerging technologies, will support executives to automate the management of administrative tasks and help focus their work on more strategic and vision processes for the optimal operation of the company.

With these advancements in the business, managers will be able to dedicate their efforts to continuous learning, managing the performance of their teams, and setting vital business goals for the business.

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