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More Success Through Inbound Marketing – The Best Tips

The digital business works particularly well when customers also pay attention. If the website is not found, the shop is not visited, or the advertising banner is not clicked, something is not working correctly. Maybe it’s because of the lack of a strategic approach in inbound marketing? If sales stagnate, it is time to change the current strategy.

The Customer’s Opinion Determines The Content

A common reason customers don’t click their page content is taking the wrong approach. According to the simple principle, many digital companies work: I present my products and topics – “No matter what”. This may flatter the entrepreneurial ego, but it usually doesn’t do anything for the customer. The introduction of inbound marketing promises a remedy.

Instead, a kickoff for digital thinking should start, and the question should be: What is even necessary to my dream customer? This critical information can then be used to optimize a landing page to make the desired success visible. Anyone who knows the Buyers Personnel will voluntarily forego clicks and even sales in the worst case. An Inbound Marketing Software can help optimize lumbar Pages and support later in the marketing strategy .

Know The Different Customer Phases Of The Decision And Use Them Efficiently

The buyers’ personality is not always the same. Each visitor is in an individual phase: Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage and Decision Stage. Some visitors want to get extensive information first and are aware that they need support. In this phase, white papers, blog posts or e-books are exciting marketing opportunities that offer customers security and guide them into the next stage.

The Consideration Stage is a little more precise because users are already looking for optimized solutions. Are suitable for this podcast or tutorials that make the users familiar with their products/services and bring him subliminally with the third phase, the decision stage, in contact. In the final step, a purchase decision is made when the users feel that they are in good hands and have confidence before it gets that far, preparation and, above all, valuable content are required.

Leverage Automation In Marketing

Inbound marketing requires a lot of effort, but this usually pays off with loyal customers. With clever tools and automation, the marketing measures can be significantly simplified. There is the possibility of email automation. However, with the entry into force of the GDPR, there are a few things to consider because emails can no longer be sent indiscriminately. Instead, users must actively consent that they want to receive newsletters or other email notifications.

So that the email does not end up in the spam folder, it should be optimally structured. That means catchy subject, innovative email content. The aim is to arouse interest in the user or to provide targeted information. To avoid unnecessarily long waiting times, do not attach any high-quality pictures or insert gifs. Instead, the motto is: short, crisp and informative. Announcements or invitations to competitions or other freebies are also particularly suitable for generating leads.

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The Data Is Analyzed To Determine The Marketing

No successful online business will get far on gut instinct. Only the analyzes show whether the users react to the applied marketing strategy and how sustainable these leads are. The point is to regularly check whether the process with inbound marketing is working and where there may still be room for improvement. Regular data analyzes help control users’ behaviour better and plan marketing measures in a targeted and, above all, more cost-efficient manner.

No Constant Exposure To Marketing Measures

A lot helps a lot, but that does not apply to marketing measures. You can quickly annoy and frighten your users if you overdo it by sending emails or using other marketing tools. The key here is to get to know the users better in a clever way. Intrusive questions or an absolute flood of content are not helpful here.

The call-to-action is essential: it should be placed correctly in an email and lead to lead forms. However, be careful because many users quickly feel annoyed by this and move the emails to the spam folder. This is not a good starting point for future advertising. Clever marketing in online business works differently: first, deliver added value and then approach the user. This creates trust, and users are ready to give feedback on the content provided. At best, this can generate new leads.

Progressive Profiling – Staying Power In Marketing Pays Off

Progressive Profiling is extremely lengthy at first glance, but it can pay off. Those who regularly supply their users / interested parties with free content stay in their memory and guarantee the level of trust. It is essential to bind users to yourself through progressive Profiling carefully. For example, at the first contact, they are asked for their email address or telephone number and only later do other details (such as name or interests). Gently collect information and implement your marketing strategy – this is how digital companies create the difference in the crowd today.

A Good Feeling Even After The Purchase

Once users have become buyers, this is a sign of success for the marketing strategy. Now it’s time to continue the system and not end it abruptly. After the purchase, the customers remain in inbound marketing and, at best, can be persuaded to buy thanks to leads again. The right content is essential because it naturally differs between buyers and interested parties. If the customer has already spent money, it is time to continue inspiring them with clever marketing and convincing them of other products/services.

Product samples, freebies or exclusive offers can be beneficial for this. Once they have gained trust, customers are less sceptical and, with the right marketing tools, more open to getting involved with new products and innovations, for example. However, they are still suspicious enough not to reach into their pockets immediately. This is why clever inbound marketing is required: ask customers about their previous satisfaction with the purchase and then casually mention additional products or innovations available exclusively for them to test. A personal address with the name supports the exclusivity and shows the customer: Here, I am not just a mere number, but you know me, that is the personal feeling of the corner shop.