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The Most Expensive Car Brands

Business is unpredictable. The value of the company can constantly change depending on the market conditions. As of October 2021, from the TOP-100 most expensive brands, the five best car companies can be distinguished. According to the Best Global Brands-2021 rating, compiled by the consulting company Interbrand, we get such success results.


The company lost ground, moving down one position. Over the year, the brand lost 2% in price. The company’s value in 2021 was $ 21.315 billion, which allowed it to remain in the top five. In the general list of Best Global Brands, the Honda brand was in 25th place.

The company, which grew out of a repair shop, and later engaged in the production of bicycles with motors, has managed to achieve an unprecedented level of development in 75 years.

In the 60s of the last century, Honda was engaged in the production of motorcycles and was worth 5 million dollars. And in 1963 it released the first sports car, the S500, which became the winner in Formula 1 races.

The company gradually grew, opening representative offices in Belgium, France, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. New models were constantly launched into production. When the 5 millionth copy was released in 1981, Honda was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Now, under the Honda brand, millions of cars are produced annually at 119 factories located in 33 countries of the world.


Elon Musk’s company quickly burst into the rating, displacing Hyundai from the top five. Compared to 2019, Tesla improved its position by two points, moving from sixth place to fourth. During this time, the brand jumped in price to $ 36.3 billion, improving performance by 184%.

This company was established relatively recently – in 2003. Max caught on in time that the future belongs to electric cars, and started their production in California. There are currently five models of cars with electric motors produced under the Tesla brand. And the company continues to develop its electric refueling system.

The shares of the automobile concern are constantly growing in price and no decline is expected in the near future.

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The three leaders were closed by the well-known BMW, having improved its performance by 5%. Now the price of the brand is $ 41.6 billion. Since last year, the automobile brand has not lost its leading positions in the ranking.

Bavarian motor factories have equally successfully mastered the production of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and engines. The Mini and Rolls-Royce brands are also part of BMW. The history of the car plant dates back to 1913. At first, the production of aircraft engines was mastered. But after the First World War, the owners were retrained for cars. During the Second World War, the situation repeated itself. But at the end of hostilities, everything again returned to a peaceful course.

Today premium cars under the BMW brand are produced in 8 countries of the world, including Russia. In China, an automobile company has partnered with Brilliance.


The cost of the company at the moment is 50.8 billion dollars. with an increase of 3% over last year.

The Benz brand appeared in 1886. In 1926 it merged with Daimler. The concern made extensive use of the developments of the Porsche design bureau. During World War II, Daimler-Benz was bombed and the stock was worthless.

Since 1953, the production of Mercedes-Benz 180 has been launched. Since then, the carmaker has constantly improved the model of the executive class.

Now the model range of the prestigious brand has been expanded, emphasis is placed on environmental friendliness and a technological component, which contributes to the constant growth in the price of Mercedes-Benz.


Toyota remained the undisputed leader in the auto industry with $ 54.1 billion. Surprisingly, amid the pandemic, the company was able to improve its performance by 5% compared to last year.

The history of the brand began in 1924 with the production of looms. In the process of expansion, the automotive industry became one of the activities of Toyota. Today it is a fairly wide production network with offices in Sweden, France, Belgium and other countries. More than 10 thousand people work only at the European factories of the brand.

The Toyota brand managed to become the world leader by putting an important principle at the head of production – to produce extremely reliable automotive equipment. Judging by the rating, the Japanese managed to achieve their goal in full.

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