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Here Are The Most Popular Apps To Download During Quarantine

During the quarantine, our mobile phone is our great ally, the device that offers us the most options to entertain ourselves. From tools to applications to be closer to our loved ones. During this period, the use of mobile phones has exploded and, above all, that of these apps, for that reason we want to make them known, so that you too can get to know them and start enjoying them on the days that we still have at home.

Top Android And ios Apps That Are Not Missing On Any Mobile This Quarantine

In Android and iOS, we find millions of applications to download, mostly free and with many functions, but for some reason, in particular, the ones we are going to know have been the most popular.

Let’s find out why these apps have been so popular and what features stand out above the rest. Then you just have to download them and take advantage of it just like millions of users have done around the world.

Zoom, The Video Call App Is The Great Highlight

Confinement has meant that not only do we want to be closer to loved ones, but we also need alternatives to make video calls with large numbers of people teleworking. This has been one of the reasons why Zoom has taken first place among the most downloaded apps.

An app available at Android and it is with the possibility of connecting with up to 100 people at a time. This means that we do not find an equal alternative, in addition, its simple operation has made more users join it. Among its added functions we find that of changing the background of our house or having fun with effects, something that gives a fun touch to communication.

Social Networks Shoot Downloads And Users

Both the popular Facebook, WhatsApp and the new sensation TikTok have been one of the most popular apps in this quarantine. Although many users were already in them, there were still people who had encouraged us to use it and now they have.

From WhatsApp or Facebook we have much easier to have close to people who are far from us and in TikTok entertainment is guaranteed, which has made not only the little ones want to have a fun time imitating any of the videos. The elderly have also been encouraged to use any of the many effects that amuse anyone.

Discord, Another App To Communicate

Originally the Discord platform was born in order to connect video game players only by voice or chat, but when the coronavirus arrived, the use has been affected to maintain the conversation between several people at the same time. It is an app available in android and in iOS, which offers us many possibilities beyond communicating with the voice.

The options to give roles to users and share files make it in many cases a more effective substitute for WhatsApp and younger people have chosen the alternative, especially in groups.

HouseParty, The Surprise Of Confinement

When video calls become a necessity and we also want to have fun, HouseParty has been the solution. With a large number of downloads in Android and in iOS, it is serious the app that has become the most popular in these difficult dates.

With trivia games that make the conversation more enjoyable, there are up to 12 friends who can get in touch. Its simple design and quick way to use it makes us have fun without being complicated.

Netflix, HBO And Sky: Choices For Entertainment

We cannot close the list of the most popular apps without talking about the most important platforms for our living room. Those apps that have made us enjoy the best Sky series, going into movies that have allowed us to forget about the problem we live in and those that always have a recommendation for us.

There are still a few days to do the marathon that we want to do so much and that we have not yet done, so we take the blanket, popcorn and go determined to the room. From our mobile, tablet or Smart TV we can see any of these platforms, making it much easier to go into history according to our needs.