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Mozilla Thunderbird: How To Create A Signature

You can easily attach signatures to your emails in Thunderbird. We’ll show you how to do it.

Signatures are a simple way of automatically attaching information about yourself and your company to every single email. With Thunderbird’s email client, you can easily add a meaningful signature to your emails.

How to insert a signature in Thunderbird

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Step 1: Open Thunderbird and right-click on your mail account in the top left. Then select ” Settings ” from the menu that appears.

2nd step: Here you can now add your signature in the field under ” Signature text “. You can enter this as text. If you already have a file with your signature, you can also insert it here by activating the option ” Attach a file as signature instead ” and select your file.

3rd step: But you can also “use HTML ” and then format your signature very easily:

  • <em> Example </ em> is the text in italics from
  • <strong> Example </ strong> is the text fat from
  • <tt> sample </ tt> is the text in the terminal style of
  • <u> Example </ u> is the text underlined in
  • <font color = “red”> example </font> changes the text color to red
  • Example <br/> adds a paragraph a
  • Then click ” OK ” when you are done with your signature.

4th step:

Your signature will now appear automatically in emails you have written. You can then edit the signature again if it does not match the content or recipient of the email.

Quick start Guide

  1. Open Thunderbird, right-click on your email account on the left and select ” Settings ” from the menu.
  2. You can now write your signature under ” Signature text “. You can also check the option ” Attach a file as a signature instead ” and select a file from your signature if you already have one. You can also “use HTML ” and format your signature with HTML.
  3. Click OK when you’re done. The signature will then automatically appear in your emails below the message.

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