Online Giving Is Happening More Than Ever – Here’s What You Need To Know!

As more donors are making online donations, online credit card processing has become essential for any nonprofit organization. Software built into the Clover Station and third-party applications available in the Clover App Store can empower organizations to accept contributions made online. Donors appreciate the ability to use any payment method, which can encourage supporters to give and support the overall success of a fundraising campaign.

How Donors Give Online

Donors may visit websites of nonprofit organizations on smartphones, tablets or computers. Organizations should strive toward building responsive and secure sites that load quickly and make it easy for visitors to learn more about your mission and give their support.

A frictionless, user-friendly donation portal connected to a service that provides credit card processing for nonprofits allows for ease of use for donors and recipients while fully complying with PCI Security Council Data Security Standards.

Donors may also give to an organization through pages or presences on social media websites. Many of these platforms have applications for point-of-sale systems that facilitate building donor databases.

Whether you choose to use features that are built into the software and hardware of a robust POS system by Clover Networks or integrate a supported third-party fundraising platform available in the Clover App Store, your organization’s donation platform should accept as many forms of payment as possible, from credit and debit cards to next-generation payment methods.

How To Process Online Donations

Donation processing requirements vary across POS systems and platforms. Clover Networks systems come ready to process donations that are made online or in-person. Setting up a system with a secure connection to online credit card processing can be a gamechanger for any organization.

A preapproval process and implementation period is involved in setting up a system for use by an organization that has tax-exempt status. A Clover POS system at a nonprofit keeps transaction records useful for tracking funds raised and populating a secure donor contact information database. Donors should also be able to obtain a receipt for tax purposes.

Fundraising data is ready to export for accounting purposes or used as the basis for analytics on ways to use groups, segments or other methods for targeting likely donors to increase the number of donations and average gift amounts.

Why To Invest In the Future of Giving

The percentage of charitable donations made online rose year over year throughout the 2010s and will continue to go up in the future. It is worthwhile for an organization to invest in a POS system that is as useful online as in a brick-and-mortar location. Clover systems are particularly useful for their low transaction fees for card-not-present transactions, and additional options may be available to registered 501(c)3 nonprofits.

According to a recent Global Trends in Giving Report, donors of every age prefer to give money online and are inspired to do so primarily through social media, emails and websites in addition to traditional fundraising methods. Implementing a user-friendly donation portal with secure online credit card processing should be a top priority for organizations funded by donations.

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