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Possible Applications Of Business Intelligence

Think about the data an e-commerce or news site needs to track. Today Business Intelligence is not just a choice but a necessity. Let’s analyze five successful cases in the application of Business Intelligence.

Google Chooses Managers Thanks To BI

When we think of a vast amount of data, our thoughts immediately go to Google. But now, we don’t want to tell you about how Google painstakingly collects data for users, but how it uses it within the company. Google collects data only for those who use the search engine but also directs their internal choices.

In fact, through the data, the company selects its managers. As? It collected data on the most popular and least popular managers in the company, analyzed it, and compiled a list of characteristics that managers must have to succeed at Google. What they have discovered is critical to hiring new managers and improving the performance of those already on the team.

Starbucks Leverages BI To Satisfy Customers

The well-known US coffee chain with shops worldwide has created a new app that allows you to pay quickly and earn stars that will lead users to rewards such as a free coffee. In addition to making in-store payment much faster, the app’s goal is to collect data on user preferences to send targeted offers based on shopping habits subsequently. In this case, Starbucks’ strategic choice was to use Business Intelligence to build customer loyalty by cyclically offering them what they love most.

UberEats Informs Restaurants Through BI

Uber Eats is a food ordering and delivery platform from Uber’s well-known transport company.

Thanks to Uber Eats, the delivery has become much more efficient and immediate. The company allows restaurants to reach their customers’ homes by bringing them the dishes where they want and when they want.

Thanks to Business Intelligence, UberEats collects all data on customers and orders to keep restaurants updated on the revenue they have earned thanks to the delivery system, the number of dishes that have been requested, and which words go the most on certain days of the week. In this way, the restaurants have all the valuable information under control to make the service more and more efficient for their customers.

Facebook Makes Ethical Choices Thanks To BI

Academics leveraged business intelligence to research Facebook usage. In particular, they showed that the use of Facebook causes a slight decrease in the mental health of users.

This result depends on how the average user spends his day comparing real life to what he sees on social media, feeling perpetually at fault. The company seems to have understood the gravity of the situation to exploit the research to make the social network less harmful. That is why it is conducting tests in different countries, making the number of likes on posts private.

Twitter Tests With BI And Increases The Number Of Characters

The main peculiarity that distinguished Twitter from other social media was writing only a minimal number of characters, 140. This was an aspect loved by its users, who considered it essential not to squirt with long and uninteresting texts. Until the company said, it wanted to increase the fonts to 280. This seemed like the beginning of the end for many users, but they didn’t know that the company’s choices were based on accurate data analysis, thanks to Business Intelligence.

Twitter has seen that, even by increasing the characters available, users tended to write short texts but with the advantage of no longer having to compulsively check the counter and rewrite each sentence to fit it into 140 characters. Thanks to Business Intelligence, Twitter has managed to give its audience a practically unchanged application compared to before but easier to use.

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