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Printing From The Cloud Is Becoming Fashionable

Companies need a sophisticated strategy to optimize their printer management. As a link here, mobile solutions come into play to further reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the overall solution.

Shortly, printing will increasingly be done on mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Apps for any end device are helpful for this. At this year’s CeBIT, the Berlin provider ezeep attracted attention with its mobile printing software.

The highlight: With ezeep, companies, regardless of their size, can manage their printers using inexpensive Internet-based software. “In this way, the user can print completely intuitively with the ezeep app.” Printers located in the vicinity of the user are automatically displayed on the device.

Mobile Printing Is Not A Flash In The Pan

According to ezeep, the mobile app is suitable for the PC or Mac computer and the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to be connected wirelessly via email or WLAN without drivers and with any printer. In addition, paid printouts can be paid for conveniently and cashless.

The Berlin cloud desktop provider Cortado also underlines that mobile printing is more than a flash in the pan. For example, the company offers a free app tailor-made for the global smartphone market leader Samsung. Three hundred twenty thousand mobile users for Android, iOS, or the Blackberry operating system are already bustling around on the Cortado Workplace to save, manage – and print out files in the cloud.

“We have an increasing number of customers who are considering relocating their entire printing processes to our cloud services. With this outsourcing model, companies only have to worry about their printers and mobile devices”. This eliminated the previous expenses for servers, helpdesk calls, and administration. In short, anyone who realizes mobile printing in this way has enormous savings potential.

Hardware-Independent Cloud Solution From Cortado

Recently, Cortado has provided “ThinPrint Cloud Printer,” a universally applicable, hardware-independent cloud printing solution for all printers, applications, and device platforms.

The new service is even free of charge for private users, allowing them to print jobs on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and all Windows devices while on the go. An additional program for Mac computers should also follow soon.

However, companies need far more than just an app for printing from mobile devices. “In many companies, the printing environment is not managed professionally and centrally.”

To achieve significant cost reductions, professional print management is required to be centrally organized and not only focus on direct costs. But here, too, mobile solutions represent a link: “Mobile printing increases the productivity of employees because they can do tasks while on the move and print out the required documents directly in paper form. If the employees work more efficiently, this also saves costs”.

At Xerox, The Information Remains “In-House”

The manufacturers of printers and multifunctional devices are also pulling along. In addition to the cloud solution, Xerox also offers a mobile print solution in which the print jobs are not sent from the mobile device to the cloud but are sent directly to the email address of a server in the company. Advantage: The information remains “in-house,” a powerful argument, especially for companies with very high-security requirements.

In addition, according to Xerox, cloud-based solutions play less of a central role in the printing itself than in document management. Because via mobile printing, users can print their documents when they are on the go, on time and as needed, from a notebook and via tablet or smartphone. A trend from which distributed work teams and knowledge workers, in particular, can benefit.

Printing from the cloud means unlimited printing: “An innovative solution keeps the office team up to date, saves time, and makes processes simpler and more transparent for all those who are involved in a project. ”

HP Will Come Up With A New Solution In The Fall

HP would like to score points on the market with a new solution . This should enable companies to save and archive documents as well as search, find and share content. On the other hand, the counterpart from Xerox relies on “ConnectKey Share to Cloud,” a solution that can optionally be integrated into multifunctional printing systems.

The advantage of the Xerox solution from the user’s point of view: You can send documents and make them accessible to others, for example, to applications such as SharePoint Online, Google Drive, DropBox, Ever-note, PaperPort Anywhere, and, with just one click without middleware. “So printer management in the cloud is in part already a reality today.”