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Profitable Business Ideas

Local E-Commerce

The e-commerce sector is dynamic and constantly evolving. A new profitable activity in the sector is the platforms and APPs of local e-commerce, which agree on local commercial activities by offering merchants through the website / APP tools for online sales, marketing, promotion, booking of products and services, take away, and delivery. A real marketplace of online products and services focused on commercial realities and local companies aimed at enhancing the territory.

App And Mobile

APPs have become an essential vehicle for many activities. Many companies base their core business on one or more APPs or the creation of the latter. Without being an expert APP programmer, it is possible to enter this sector.


Strongest news in the catering sector of the last two years. The pokè is a salad of vegetables and rice with raw fish in chunks, sauces, and other ingredients to taste, very fresh, healthy, and very tasty. It is a dish that goes a long way among young people, ideal for lunch breaks, and lends itself well to delivery. These elements push these activities a lot, which manages to work well even in lockdown periods.


Online sales are a very dynamic sector. New sales and promotion systems are being studied every day. Large and small companies provide various tools that allow anyone with the minimum rudiments to work on the web to do business in this area. One of the most successful systems of recent years is dropshipping. The formula may vary, but the basic operation is always the same, that is, to exhibit and sell items online without owning them.

You can set up an online store with hundreds of products and buy them only when one of your user’s purchases. The product will be sent directly from the wholesaler to whom you will pay for the item and keep your earnings. There are specialized companies that allow you to open a thematic shop to better focus on a specific user (clothing, items for adults, cannabis light, just to name a few).

Electric Micro-Mobility

The micro electric mobility sector, linked to the use and sale of compact electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters, electric scooters, and hoverboards, is growing rapidly. Thanks to a greater environmental awareness of consumers and the desire to make their travels “greener” and the convenience offered in city travel, successful activities are those focused on sales, rental, sharing, and services related to micro-mobility.

Funeral Honors

A particular sector but certainly always in vogue. The obstacles are the initial investment and learning the trade. Including these two elements, some companies in the sector have decided to make their knowledge available by launching the franchise.

Sanitation Against COVID19

Centers specialized in sanitation and sanitation have existed for several years. It has always been a niche and little-known sector, but with the events related to the coronavirus, the sector has had and is experiencing exponential growth. Sanitation with Ozone and Sanitation has become extremely requested services for cars and other objects such as strollers, car seats, armchairs, and furniture in general and living environments and rooms. The specialized centers offer both on-site service and, obviously, at home.

Displays/Dispensers Of Sanitizing GEL And Other Aids

A need arises from a problem, and those who manage to satisfy that need can build their own business. Since February 2020, products such as masks, gels, and sanitizing liquids have become a need for the entire population. Even when the emergency is over, these products will remain necessary, and their demand will be sustained.

A very good business idea that someone will probably take advantage of shortly will be to propose these products to shops and companies to be exhibited for purchase by the customer public. Without speculating, as happened when there were not enough of these products to meet the needs of hospitals, but simply helping their use by offering them at a fair price. Care of supplies.

Car Sharing And Van Sharing

In the era of the sharing economy, it could not be missing, and it has arrived. The Car-Sharing business is taking shape, is refining, and is starting to spread. Today some companies provide you with all the tools to “share” one or more vehicles for a fee. Whether you are a private individual who wants to supplement or an entrepreneur who wants to create and earn with his fleet of vehicles, you have the opportunity to do so today.

These companies follow you in everything: from installing the devices to accessing the vehicle to the app to manage reservations and accept orders and payments from customers.

Betting And Gambling

Despite the dignity decree, a sector continues to make good money for those who work there. There are several ways to enter and do business in this market characterized by good margins and great interest from the public.

Nutritional Advice For Animals

Today’s consumers increasingly request services and products for animals, as is the growing attention to the quality of the same. Today animals play an important and highly emotional role in the lives of their “masters,” becoming more and more like effective members of the family to whom the same care and attention should be reserved.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that one of the most successful activities for 2020 is precisely the one focused on animals. In particular, personalized nutritional advice for animals, at home, and with the delivery of healthy, organic, and natural foods at home, is a business with high potential for those who have a strong passion and predisposition to work in contact with four legs. And with their masters.

Social Media Management

Social media and the web are today indispensable tools in people’s lives and the success and success of companies. Therefore, whether they are influencers, small businesses, large companies, or multinationals, everyone needs to make the most of their social accounts and web tools to carry out an attractive promotion and communication capable of increasing notoriety. Of a brand or a person, both to increase and convey the sales of certain products.

A new figure that is standing out and that turns out to be a good entrepreneurial bet for 2020 is the social media manager and companies specializing in consulting and management of social accounts for companies: real experts in the optimal management of social communication and web.


Food is a very dynamic sector. It remains a profitable sector even if the high-quality standards required by the modern customer and the high competition make it more difficult for new businesses to emerge and succeed. Whether you intend to open a takeaway or a restaurant with dozens of seats, it is important to be clear about the best location and the sustainable rent, how to organize the work, how to attract customers, and how to keep it. Procedures and work organization are important to contain costs and to provide a professional service.