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Providers With The Best Picture Quality

TV technology is booming. We were just getting the hang of 4K resolution and now we have 8K resolution smart TVs coming. This means that video and TV entertainment providers have to adjust accordingly. This was trend was forecasted and TV providers have managed to adapt to all these modern trends.

Streaming services have taken a step ahead. Platforms like Netflix have been able to support 4K resolution. It is fair for them to take a head start. The movies and TV shows look amazing in the picture quality. However, should we expect cable TV companies to do the same? The answer to that is no. Movies and TV shows look great in 4K and the TV programming if delivered in full-HD looks fine as well. You don’t need extra resolutions and picture quality to watch the news or any game featuring your favorite team.

Therefore, we came up with a list of all the providers having the best picture quality. Without further ado, let’s begin:


If any provider has gained the limelight in the past five years, it’s Spectrum. It rose to the status of one of the top-notch providers in the country with its excellent service quality. Charter merged with Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable in 2016. Since then, there was no turning back. Spectrum cable offers customized channel lineups with no contracts.

Most importantly, Spectrum offers free high-definition with all the TV plans like in Spectrum silver. This means that all your sports, news, comedy, lifestyle, and shopping channels will look crystal clear. In addition to cable TV channels, you also get the opportunity to access free on-demand service. The on-demand library has thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can access them for free in high-definition.


DirecTV offers satellite TV service for customers in more than 40 states in the United States. DIRECTV is a special service offered by AT&T. If you get DIRECTV, you can bundle it with the AT&T internet to get the high-definition streaming running. DIRECTV offers various plans for TV. There are more than 200 channels and you can get all the sports, news, comedy, lifestyle, and local channels. The best thing about DIRECTV is that you can even get to watch 4K channels. These channels are very less in number. However, the number of channels in 4K will increase in the coming time. DIRECTV has started the trend of 4K channels and other networks will follow.


Mediacom is another cable TV provider with services in many states. Mediacom has a powerful internet that can be bundled with the TV service. The cable offered by Mediacom is powered by state of the art TiVo technology. On subscription, you get a TiVo box. With this box, you can watch the channels in high definition and with a 4K TV, the reception looks crisp.


WOW! is another affordable provider with services across many states in the US. It is powered by the coaxial cable network just like Spectrum and Mediacom. WOW! offers high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone service with relaxed pricing and unlimited perks. WOW! offers three different plans. The most basic plan is the Small Cable package. The Medium cable and Large cable have more channels. If you get these two plans, more channels will be in HD as opposed to the Small cable plan. WOW! box has tons of amazing features and high-definition crystal clear video quality is a thing that it guarantees.


The last provider on our list with the best picture quality is Optimum. Optimum is serviceable across many states. You get a great number of channels in high-definition. The best thing is that there are countless other perks included upon sign-up. You may be eligible for free installation, activation, and get Amazon gift cards worth $100 for free.

Final Verdict

Before investing in a provider, make sure you have a TV that supports high-definition or 4K. Once you have a powerhouse, you can combine it with any of the above provider’s boxes to enjoy endless entertainment directly from your couch.