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Quizizz – Free Online Quizzes, Lessons And Activities

Are you troubled to make your children study? Are they not quite engaging in their studies and feel bored learning? Then you must try this Quizizz platform that engages students and teachers with useful content. Usually, children are bored while studying continuously and are very active while playing. How would it be when children learn by playing mini-quiz games? With this technique, children get engaged with their studies, and at the same time, they can have excellent playing time. This method also helps children to improve their knowledge, and they can have the ability to build their creative thinking.

In this present generation, children are addicted to mobile more than books, and even technology brings vast inventions for children like learning apps, games, virtual classrooms, online classes, study platforms, and many more related websites. All these applications or platforms help to bring your child into their desired positions in this race for successful lives in the world. When technology updates, children’s learning methods also need to upgrade according to the world’s technological changes, and children need to adapt to these new learning methods for their future endeavors.

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is an excellent application used by many students for studies, teachers to make their students study engaging content, and even many people use this for playing quizzes. Not only playing, but anyone can also generate creative quizzes and share them with friends, family, and others. You can get this Quizizz app in the google play store, which indicates it has passed all safety parameters, and you don’t need to pay any fees for subscription and registration.

To access this Quizizz application, you only need an internet connection with a supported smart device. It is compatible with many devices like Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Personal computers, etc. Whenever you complete the quiz on the Quizizz, it immediately provides you with feedback on the submitted answers, and this website ensures the quality of the content available on the Quizizz.

Quizizz is a famous platform for fun learning, and according to the play store reviews, it has a 4.8 rating out of 5. Users can learn different subjects by accessing this Quizizz platform, and the quiz questions are based on multiple genres. With the user-friendly interface and easily understandable navigation, it’s simple for users to access it conveniently. It is an easy process to join this Quizizz community and get unlimited fun learning techniques and lots of knowledge on different zones.

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Features of Quizizz

  • You can conduct live games with great achievements.
  • Teachers can assign a fun quiz assignment to their students as homework with their thinking ability.
  • You can choose your quiz on your favorite topic from the best of the best collection of quizzes available on the Quizizz app.
  • Several quizzes, like multiple choice and drag-and-drop question learning styles, are accessible on the Quizizz platform.
  • It provides accurate reports on your quiz assignments and lets you know the up-to-date progress of your improvement.
  • It has an easy and user-friendly interface, so people can easily access it comfortably.
  • Teachers can access many tools and resources to create attractive and challenging assignments.
  • Anyone can access the entire website free of cost, and there are no hidden charges for premium content, but if you want to access a super account, you need to pay $2.
  • It is compatible with many devices like Smartphones (Android & iOS), Laptops, Macbooks, PC, and many more.
  • Not only taking existing quizzes, but anyone can produce creative quiz questions with answers, share them with your Quizizz community, and challenge them to solve those puzzles.

How to access the Quizizz platform?

The working principle of the Quizizz platform is to provide quality learning to children and young people in a fun and engaging way. The method of accessing Quizizz is simple and easy, with a user-friendly interface. Even children can easily operate it without others’ help. To access this Quizizz platform, follow these steps.

Creating an Account:

1. Open a web browser, search for the Quizizz website, and click on the related URL to open the website.

2. Click on the Signup option at the top right corner of the page, and you can continue the process with a Google account (or) phone number (or) Email account.

3. After entering the number (or) email id, click on continue, and it will show you three options of account type.

  • School (for teachers and students)
  • Work (For NGOs, Govt organizations),
  • Personal Use.

4. Select your account type based on the purpose, and after, a form will appear that contains your first & last names with a new password.

5. After entering the details, click on the continue option, and then your account is ready to go with all the existing quizzes.

Get Started with Quizizz:

  • If you want to access existing quizzes, select from the search box, and browse them to participate. You can have multiple zones of quizzes to participate in and have fun learning new things.
  • But if you want to create new quizzes, click on the ‘Create panel‘ on the left side of the web page.
  • Enter the name of the created quiz, and there is an availability to add an image for a new quiz. You can also select the language and post it as private or public.
  • Create the quiz question and related answers in the given format, and you must click on the incorrect and correct answers. Also, you should select the quiz type like multiple choice, True or false, drag and drop, etc.
  • Click on “+New Question” to create more quizzes, and once you are done creating your quiz questions, click on the finish option.
  • As a last touch, you need to add the details like grade range, subject, and topic and also try to add taglines to make it easy to search.
  • You can post it as a live quiz or assign it as homework, and people who want to participate in a live quiz or homework need to login into the account, choose the quiz and need to enter their name, and start the quiz.
  • Once people finish your quiz, you can see their results by clicking the + icon next to the participant’s name.

Modes of the Quizizz website:

There are two types of methods on the Quizizz website, and these modes are helpful for engagingly learning concepts. Know more about these two methods, and they are given below.

Class Mode:

Children need to enter their 6- digit joining code for the session and the quizzes submitted online, and the results will be generated automatically. After the results, you will have reports for your submitted quiz questions and your participation progress report. You can participate in live quizzes with your excellent spontaneous thinking skills.

Assign Mode:

The mode’s title indicates that it is usually for setting homework, which means all the quiz questions are scheduled for submitting their answers. You can take time to submit answers before the due date. After posting the answers, you will have your results for the entire assignment, and you can check them whenever you log in to your account.

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What are the available subjects to learn on the Quizizz?

Different types of subjects are accessible on the Quizizz platform, and several concepts related to the topics are accessible with excellent learning methods. They are,

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Science
  • Computer Language and skills
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Health and Physical Education

Can you earn money from the Quizizz platform?

Probably Yes!! But you cannot earn money through quizzes from the Quizizz platform until you become a member of the Quizizz community. There is a chance of getting an opportunity through Quizziz careers. There are several job openings on the Quizizz platform, and you can choose one from the list according to your qualification. Besides, there is no way to earn money through the Quizizz platform. After joining the Quizizz community, you need to fulfill the requirements of the Quizizz team.

Are there any best alternatives for the Quizizz platform?

Some of the best alternatives for the Quizziz are as follows.

  • Kahoot
  • Quizlet
  • Brainscape
  • Canvas LMS
  • Slido
  • Blackboard Learn
  • Schoology
  • Crowdpurr
  • Aha Slides
  • Mentimeter
  • G2 Deals
  • iSpring Suit
  • Poll Everywhere

Winding Up

Quizizz is an immensely cooperative and helpful application for children and people who want to gain knowledge through quizzes. Mainly it is very helpful for every student to take their abilities to the next level. Many schools are using this application to improve the skills of their students. When people search for fun learning applications for their children or students, the Quizizz platform will be at the top of the list and the best application for learning different concepts, from schooling subjects to technological topics.

The reports provided by the Quizziz platform will help their users to improve their skills and knowledge according to the concepts related to the accessible subjects. Anyone can easily access it without any limits, and even if you want, you can subscribe to Super Quizizz at an affordable price with additional benefits.

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