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Samsung Galaxy S24: Update On Rumors

If the Samsung Galaxy S23 range has been available for several months, leakers from the Tech world already have their eyes on their successors, the Galaxy S24. We take stock of the rumors circulating about Samsung’s next flagships, which are not expected before 2024. Available since mid-February 2023, the Galaxy S23 series immediately found its audience, particularly the Ultra model, which has a 200 Mpx camera, while its predecessor “only” offered 108 Mpx.

If they have stood out in Tech and by smartphone enthusiasts in general, Samsung’s latest flagships are already starting to be eclipsed… by their successors! These are rumors; the release of the future Galaxy S24 has been neither announced nor confirmed by the brand, but they attract attention by promising cutting-edge technology with some improvements. Let’s take stock of what is already rumored about these upcoming flagships.

Galaxy S24, The Performance Is There?

Snapdragon Or Exynos?

While a Snapdragon chip entirely powered the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the same could have been expected for future Galaxy S24s, an external source suggests otherwise. As the specialized site Android Authority reports to us, it was Maeil Business News. This Korean media outlet suggested that Samsung would develop a new in-house processor, Exynos 2400, for its next flagships.

This is a surprising conjecture given that Qualcomm and Samsung signed an agreement last year, which was nevertheless – in part – corroborated by the leaker RGcloudS on Twitter. The latter believe that the Exynos 2400 would be used at the heart of the classic Galaxy S24, while we would find a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 within the Plus and Ultra models. This rumor remains to be confirmed, especially considering the active contract between the American company and the South Korean manufacturer.

Better Autonomy For The Galaxy S24?

While the autonomy of the Galaxy S23 has already been improved thanks to the use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the next generation could do better again. It’s TheElec, which this time relates to the information: it seems that Samsung SDI is working on equipment allowing superposition in the production of batteries, a technology already used by this branch of the Korean group to manufacture electric car batteries.

While until now, it was a winding technique that was used, this new method would make it possible to stack various materials, such as the anode and the cathode, thus increasing the energy density of the battery and its compactness. A new technology could be used for smartphones, tablets, etc.

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More RAM?

Still, on the performance side, the Galaxy S24s should be faster than their predecessors. It is our colleagues at Phonandroid who report this new information. According to a leaker, the first two versions of the Galaxy S24, the S24 and the S24+, would have 12 GB of RAM, compared to only 8 GB for the Galaxy S23. And hold on tight, since regarding the Ultra model, the latter would benefit from 16 GB of RAM. Has the South Korean firm heard the complaints of its users? We cannot be sure at the moment.

Even Faster Charging Speed?

The charging speed of Galaxy S24 smartphones is also talked about. By passing its regulatory certification with China Compulsory Product Certification, the South Korean firm provided information on its next flagships’ charging speeds. Nothing new: 25W fast charging would be the same for the Galaxy S24, like its predecessor. The Plus and Ultra versions would also maintain 45W fast charging.

However, another rumor would contradict the charging power for the latter: it could be entitled to fast charging of 65W according to the leakerRGcloudS. The Galaxy S24 is also said to retain the same 5,000mAh battery as the previous model. Finally, would the charging have the same speed as that experienced today by users of the Galaxy S23 range? It is impossible to be confident now, and this information needs to be corroborated.

A Better Photo Experience?

In any case, this is what leaker Yogesh Brar suggests. However, this improvement would not materialize through a hardware change but instead on the software side. It, therefore, seems pointless to expect new sensors, telephoto lenses or improved components since everything would rely on software updates. We should, therefore, find the sensors with which we are already familiar on the future Galaxy S24.

Yogesh Brar also added that some of the features of Galaxy Enhance-X’s photo editing app, recently launched on the Galaxy S23s, were initially intended for the Galaxy S24s. What should we expect to see regarding photo improvements in the next series? We still hope that Samsung has more than one trick up its sleeve and that we can take advantage of new features without waiting for the Galaxy S25…

What Are The Release Date And Prices For The Galaxy S24?

If we rely on Samsung’s usual schedule, we can estimate that the future Galaxy S24 range will be unveiled early next year. Remember that the new Galaxy S23s were presented during a Galaxy Unpacked conference on February 1, 2023, and arrived in stores after a traditional pre-order period on February 17. The same observation occurred within a few days of 2022 for the previous Galaxy S22 range. Enough to think that the next Galaxy S24s will arrive on shelves in February 2024.

Regarding the price of these future flagships, no leaker has yet commented on this subject. If there is no significant improvement beyond what is already rumored on the Web, we can hope that Samsung will keep the same price scale as that applied to the current Galaxy S23 series. Namely a classic model below the symbolic bar of 1,000 euros, a Plus version at around 1,200 euros, and the Ultra at less than 1,500 euros.

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