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SEO Project Before Or After The Launch Of Your Site: Which Strategy To Choose?

Normally refers to a developing procedure you can set up or share with a particular Website design enhancement office. It is impossible to wind up in the top indexed lists for now. Rather, it will be important to carry out progressive activities and give yourself time to see their effect. Upstream referring to work, is fundamental to accomplishing viable outcomes over the long haul.

The Essential Parameters Of An Upstream SEO Project

It is important to understand that you must implement the different SEO techniques on your site from the start of its creation, in the same way as the design, the categories and the home page. These many and varied methods must be applied gradually to allow Google to identify your site naturally.

Study The Competition

SEO involves competition on the web that will decide the profitability of your site and the volume of your audience. In other words, if you want to improve your positioning, you must first know the keywords used by your competitors.

SEO Optimized Design

Choose from the beginning a template conducive to good SEO. The beauty of the design alone does not allow Google to identify your site and improve its positioning. If you want to win the top positions, you must avoid these four mistakes:

  • Placing too much text in your images
  • Use images and videos that are too heavy for uploading
  • Misuse of pop-up windows
  • Forgetting to create an H1 title

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How To Guarantee Good Referencing?

Internal Linking

Using internal links between your pages shows Google that your content is consistent. As for the external mesh, it gives more credibility to your site. If other blogs link to yours, you gradually become one of the benchmarks in your industry. The biggest mistake would be to force this weave and want to achieve it quickly. As in life, a reputation is not built overnight. It is a long and natural process that needs time to assert itself.

Content Quality

Despite all the natural referencing techniques put in place, creating quality content remains the only guarantee of a good position on the search engine. The question then arises: How does Google judge the quality of content? Difficult to decipher the algorithms used, but certain parameters seem to respond to them:

  • The length of the articles
  • The number of posts per month
  • The number of comments on an article
  • Image quality

These different points are part of a progressive strategy that must be set up very slowly to take off afterwards. What you should not lose sight of when working on your natural referencing is that satisfying the Internet user is Google’s major goal. For this reason, creating quality content is the most obvious way to conquer the search engine and put the odds on your side so that it considers your site as the best answer to a query.

Thinking About Your SEO From The Start Of Your Project?

Even if the best way to proceed is an upstream strategy, improving the SEO of your site or designing it after the launch is entirely possible. However, this late intervention requires a considerable investment, especially if you want to obtain results quickly. You can then call on an SEO agency to help you achieve your goal and make your SEO project successful. In an SEO agency, the SEO techniques offered guaranteed spectacular results. If you do not know what is necessary to carry out your SEO strategy, it would be more prudent to seek the help of professionals before or after your site’s launch.

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