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Some Precautions For Buying A Watch

1. Choose a watch that suits your budget and has a reasonable price. The price range of watches is wide. So when you want to buy Watch, please choose a watch with a reasonable price. By comparing the market prices of watches, we can judge whether the price of our favorite watches is reasonable.

2. Choose the most suitable movement. The movement of the watch is the key component to make the watch work normally. There are three types of movements: mechanical movement, automatic movement and quartz movement. When you want to buy a watch, please be sure to carefully study the movement that operates the watch. Then choose the watch that best suits your needs. The mechanical watch requires you to ground the string now and then to make it work properly. Due to the adoption of engineering technology, it does not need batteries. The watch with automatic movement uses springs and gears to keep time, so it does not need batteries and does not need to be wound. But with the passage of time, their accuracy will become lower and you need to calibrate them. Quartz watches are powered by clockwork and small batteries and are the most accurate and durable movement of all watch cores. The biggest disadvantage is that you must replace the battery every year.

3. Check whether the dial surface is clear. Unless you intend to wear your watch purely as jewelry, you should be able to read the dial to know the time. Take a moment to look at the dial. You should be able to read the time clearly without spending too much time studying the surface. If you choose a pocket watch with Roman numerals, you should still be able to read the dial time.

4. Choose the watchband that suits your watch and style. The watchband of the watch is not only fixed to the wrist. The color and material of the watchband can improve the appearance and function of the watch. Select a watchband that matches the style and appearance of the watch you intend to purchase. Belt is a classic choice, casual and formal wear are very matching. In addition, you can customize the color and stitching of the belt to suit your style. Nylon strap is strong and durable, allowing you to choose different colors and designs in the strap. The link is made of metal link, which is more suitable for formal occasions. According to your needs, rubber watchbands may be more practical. They are durable, flexible and water resistance.

Choose the watchband that suits your watch and style

5. Try on the watch to ensure comfortable wearing. When wearing a watch and walking, the watch case and strap need to be comfortably placed on the wrist. Try on any watch you plan to buy and see how it fits. The watchband should be tight but not too tight, and the surface of the dial will not cause pain to your wrist. If your hands and wrists are large, the small watch may look inappropriate and silly. And wearing a watch that is too big for you will look neither fish nor fowl.

6. Feel the weight of the watch to make sure you like it. The weight of the case or body may vary depending on the style and manufacturer of the watch. Please hold your watch in your hand to check its weight before buying it. If you plan to wear it on your wrist for a long time, it should not be too heavy. Please try it on before buying to ensure that the wrist is not too heavy. The size of the watch will affect the comfort when wearing it. Please try it on and imagine the activities to be carried out when wearing it.