TeamViewer: How To Start A Video Conference

Would you like to start a video conference with the TeamViewer Meeting tool? We’ll show you how to do it and what the tool can do.

For a long time, TeamViewer was mainly known as a remote maintenance software. But there is also a video conference service from TeamViewer: Meeting, formerly Blizz. The service has even been free of charge since the beginning of 2021 and is no longer just an alternative to Skype, Zoom and Co. for companies, but also private users in this article.

  • TeamViewer Meeting can do that
  • How to start a spontaneous meeting in TeamViewer

TeamViewer Meeting:

TeamViewer is best known as a provider of remote maintenance software. But the German developer also offers a video conference solution that was formerly called Blizz. It has been called Meeting since the beginning of 2021; the basic version is free of charge. Anyone who already has a TeamViewer client will find the tool integrated into it.

Otherwise, you can download Meeting from the TeamViewer website. With Meeting, you can hold video conferences with up to five participants free of charge; for more participants, you need one of the paid versions.

TeamViewer’s conferences score with end-to-end encryption and are transmitted in HD quality. In addition to the Meeting, you can also communicate via chat and share your screen with other users in 4K quality. You can start spontaneous HD video conferences at any time; however, to schedule a meeting, you need to register. You can use the video conferencing software online on your computer and mobile devices; there is an app for the latter.

  • TeamViewer Meeting for Android
  • TeamViewer Meeting for iOS
  • TeamViewer Meeting for Desktop

How to start a spontaneous meeting in TeamViewer

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

  • Step 1: Open TeamViewer, click on ” Meeting ” on the left and then on ” Start Meeting “. A new window with your Meeting will open.
  • 2nd step: You can now set which speakers, which microphone and which camera you want to use. Then click on ” Use Selection “.
  • 3rd step: If you want to share your screen with the other participants , you can now select this directly.
  • 4th step: Now you can invite participants in the lower right corner (little man with the plus sign). Alternatively, you can copy the meeting ID at the bottom left and send it to the other participants. In the middle below you have the option to switch your microphone and camera on and off, share your screen and use the chat. You can also use the three points to make some settings.

Brief instructions: Start a spontaneous meeting in TeamViewer

  • Open TeamViewer. Left-click on ” Meeting “, then in the middle on ” Start Meeting “. Your Meeting will open in a new window.
  • In the beginning, you can select speakers, microphone and camera, then click on ” Use selection “.
  • In the Meeting, you can choose directly whether you want to share your screen with the other participants. Then you can invite participants (little man with the plus sign at the bottom right; alternatively, copy the meeting ID at the bottom left and send it to the other participants).

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