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The Advantages Of The Refurbished Phone

As Sustainable Development Weeks approach, which will be held from September 18 to October 8, 2023, SFR Actus invites you to discover why reconditioned products are good. Here are three good reasons to opt for this solution, knowing that a wide selection of reconditioned smartphones, which are therefore more eco-responsible and even more economical, is offered on the SFR online store.

A Gesture For The Environment

First of all, reconditioned products represent a significant advantage for the planet. For a good reason, smartphones, unfortunately, have a very harmful environmental impact on their production, in particular, due to the exploitation of rare earth – the extraction process of which is particularly polluting – necessary for the manufacture of their components. And while manufacturers unveil more and more new models each year, pushing consumption, it is estimated that we change smartphones on average every 3 years.

It’s too much for Mother Nature. At the same time, it may seem challenging to make this tool, which has become indispensable in everyday life, last much longer, which follows us in the slightest of our movements, which we sometimes even damage by dropping it or even just by leaving it on constantly and which, after a while, no longer supports updates to its OS…

This is why, if it is better to make an effort to keep your smartphone as long as possible, choosing a reconditioned one when it is time to change it is a genuinely eco-responsible choice. Quite simply because it has already been produced. Giving a second life to a smartphone allows you to have a lesser impact on the environment – 86% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to a smartphone that leaves the factory. Which is not insignificant, right?

A Smartphone Is Like A New One

Now, you might tell us that even if it means changing your smartphone, you might as well get a new one to ensure that it will remain operational in the long term… Because if it is secondhand, will it necessarily be worn out? Well, not necessarily. More than just a used smartphone, exchanged from individual to individual, the refurbished is a smartphone that experts have refurbished. At SFR, in any case, it is completely reset, cleaned, of course, and above all, tested in depth: no less than 30 checkpoints are, in fact, carried out on each phone and put back on sale under the reconditioned label to ensure that it is 100% operational.

The legal guarantee of conformity will also cover it for 24 months. Enough to reassure, already… but that’s not all. Even from a purely aesthetic point of view, if some merchants offer reconditioned smartphones in “correct condition” in terms of appearance, therefore with potentially visible scratches on the screen and other traces of wear, SFR exclusively promises devices in “excellent condition” or “perfect condition.” That is to say that, both in terms of the screen, the edges, and the shell, you will see nothing but fire!

Treat Yourself At A Lower Price

By opting for a refurbished one from SFR, you will, therefore, participate in the circular economy while enjoying a smartphone like new. And this icing on the cake, at a lower price. Yes, the last significant advantage of the refurbished mobile is that, by its nature, it is obviously less expensive than the same model never taken out of its box. You will thus be able to get real good deals, such as treating yourself to an iPhone for only 1 euro (with an SFR plan)… If this, of course, concerns older models (in this case, the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 11 ), you will even find recent, almost state-of-the-art smartphones in the refurbished section at SFR.

For example, the famous iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max! If their successors have just been made official, these premium models from Apple still do the job perfectly. As are Samsung’s high-end models, the Galaxy S20 series, or its latest Fan Edition, the Galaxy S21 FE. The Huawei P50 Pro, king of photography, is also one of the pretty models offered as refurbished at SFR, just like Google’s superb Pixel 7 Pro at 179 euros.

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