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PDF – The Best Free Online Converters

Since its introduction in 1993, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has been the most widely used in the workplace. With its ability to display text and images regardless of the system, it is the best solution for elegantly presenting essential documents that must travel between offices, from one device to another throughout the company and perhaps even on the outside. Adobe, the format creator, makes its paid converter available to us, but we have many exciting and accessible solutions online: here are the best. Each site we will see offers a free online service, often associated with many other tools that make it complete.

Online 2 PDFs

Graphically appealing and intuitive, it allows you to modify the file we uploaded and convert only a part or a modified version. We can merge, rotate, and choose only specific pages and protect the new file during conversion. The files have a weight limit of 100 MB each, and the maximum size of all those being processed can reach 150. The site is available in several languages ​​and, unlike the other services, it is a free project that gets better time after time thanks to user feedback and spontaneous donations.

I Love PDF

Altogether and very rich in functions, it has captivating and functional graphics, with everything we need to convert the format. Cutting, rotating, compressing, merging and many other functions are available throughout the transformation process. We can upload and convert multiple files simultaneously, but the free version limits the number of files that can be converted (and the other operations we could do) and their size. Please register for free on the site to increase these limits or cancel them entirely with the premium version.

PDF Converter

Intuitive and straightforward, with a sober screen that leaves no room for misunderstandings. Once the file to be converted has been uploaded, click “Download”, and you’re done! However, if we want to convert a second file immediately, the system will block us, forcing us to wait an entire hour before being able to use the service again. From the main screen, we can convert any file into PDF, but the site also allows us to transform PDFs into word, excel, powerpoint and images. With the last option, we can also transform JPGs. There is a premium subscription version that eliminates waiting times.


Minimal and functional, Smallpdf offers the possibility of converting any file into PDF, making it from the PC and Dropbox or Google Drive. Once uploaded, the file will be converted, and we can decide whether to download, modify, compress, or reload it in drive or dropbox. By clicking “All tools,” we will access many options that will make us act more or less invasively on the newly created file. We can rotate it, separate it, merge it, convert it to other formats, or protect it with a password (which can be removed with another tool). The free version only allows us two actions before blocking all services for an hour and gives us a file size limit.


This converter does not allow us to transform files into PDFs but only to convert these PDFs into other formats. Graphics and functions are minimalistic (each conversion service has its domain and is as if it were a separate site), but the site also exists in Italian and is meant to be a free service only. Among the functions, there is also the compression and merging of files. A unique feature of this service is the ability to upload up to twenty files at a time to be converted and then decide whether to download them one by one or all together in a handy zip file.

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