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The Computer Repair Technician

Computers face issues and gradually wear out over time. This applies to desktop computers and laptops, and to Windows and Mac computers alike. However, for a computer repair technician, worn-out computers can present an opportunity. They can often recover the data and rescue people’s information, including valuable documents and photos, and transfer it to a client’s new device. In many cases, even if a computer can no longer be powered on or booted into Windows or the macOS, the data on its hard drive can still be retrieved. This applies to both traditional SATA hard drives and to Solid State Drives (SSD’s).

If your computer faces an issue, you might look for a computer repair service near you. Unless you live in a remote area, you would probably have no difficulty in finding a number of local computer repairers who would be able to assist you. It’s important to select a provider who will diagnose your issue as quickly as possible, and provide a speedy resolution at a competitive price.

Someone who has a technical background and expert understanding of computers, including hardware and software, may choose to join a professional computer repair service business. Following onboarding and training in the business, and based on their performance, the computer repair technician would then be assigned tasks or repairs on computers with issues.

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Computer repair technicians repair, install and maintain various items of computer equipment. Technology continues to evolve day by day and it’s essential for computer repair technicians to keep up to date with the changes in technology so that they can analyse and troubleshoot the specific issues of a computer. They are likely to face new issues on a weekly basis as the evolution of technology leads to issues which didn’t previously exist. As a computer repair professional myself, I can testify that there is no end to the new issues which regularly arise.

Computer repair experts take care of the malfunctioning hardware and software of a computer and diagnose it to identify the issue, provide a resolution, and return the computer to a usable state. They are also often capable of building and assembling personal desktop computers and even servers and can readily set up and configure networks of computers and related devices.

Computer repair technicians specialise in the hardware components of a computer. This may involve replacing or installing hard drives, memory modules and other elements of the computer hardware, such as CPU fans, graphics cards and power supplies. A computer repair technician should be capable of building a system from the individual components and installing the operating system on the computer so that it runs smoothly. Following installation of Windows 10 or Windows 11, the technician would then proceed to install the device drivers required for the functioning of the hardware in the computer.

Depending on their requirements, a customer may request the installation of certain software applications on their computer. The technician should be able to install the essential software for the convenience of the customer so that they can get back to work as soon as the system is repaired and running. Such software may include the Microsoft 365 desktop applications, a security software suite, and printer setup for both printing and scanning.

A computer repair technician should also be capable of troubleshooting software issues. This may involve eliminating viruses or other malware infections and uninstalling or reinstalling malfunctioning software. If the operating system itself has been corrupted and cannot be repaired, the technician may back up the user’s data and then reinstall the operating system. It’s not necessarily essential to back up the data first unless you have a need to erase the installation drive. Both macOS and Windows operating systems can be reinstalled without the loss of existing data.

Let’s consider a few of the advantages of working in a computer repair and maintenance business or even starting up a brand new computer repair business.

  • Basic start-up costs are minimal. If you are an IT Professional or have adequate practical experience in the field, you could launch a new computer repair/IT support business. If you choose to offer a call-out service only, rather than a service where people come to you, then it’s not even necessary to have business premises. You would provide all services on-site, and could take care of your admin and paperwork at home or in a public space such as a café.
  • You have access to a large target market beyond domestic computer owners. Many small businesses do not have an in-house IT department to handle their computer and network issues. As a result, they rely on outsourcing their IT support to local businesses able to offer this service. Whether such IT support is provided on an ad hoc or contractual basis, this presents you with a significant opportunity.
  • Good relationships with small businesses result in regular business: If you provide an outstanding service for your small business clients, not only will they continue to employ your services, but they may even refer your services to other businesses or their own clients. As a result, you would acquire additional work without the need for investment in marketing. There is no better marketing than word-of-mouth referrals.

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