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PEC Companies: The Five Advantages For Your Company

What Is It, And What Are The Main Characteristics Of The Company’s PEC?

A certified corporate email is a tool that plays an essential role in the corporate digitization process: it streamlines workflows, optimizes the management of corporate communications, simplifies relations with the Public Administration and allows you to send emails with the same legal value as a formal registered letter with return receipt, i.e., the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Compared to ordinary email, the PEC, the acronym for Certified Electronic Mail, has additional characteristics that guarantee:

  • The certainty of sending;
  • The security of delivery;
  • The immutability of the content of the message and any attachments;
  • The confidentiality of the message;
  • The secure identification of the sender box.

The Certified Electronic Mail service can only be provided by operators accredited by the Digital Agency for Italy ( AgID ), the public body responsible for supervising digital services such as the PEC for companies, the digital signature and the timestamp. The cost of the annual subscription to the PEC business service is equivalent to about two registered paper letters and allows you to send unlimited messages. Furthermore, the Certified Electronic Mailbox is accessible anytime from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) connected to the Internet.

PEC Companies: What Are The Obligations And Sanctions?

The obligation of PEC box for:

  • Public administrations;
  • Enterprises;
  • Company;
  • Sole proprietorships;
  • Freelancers enrolled in a professional register.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that law 120/2020, containing ” Urgent measures for digital simplification and innovation ” (Simplifications Decree), increases the penalties for those who need to communicate their digital domicile to the Business Register or to the Professional Order of belonging.

The law establishes that all sole proprietorships and companies that have not communicated their PEC box address to the Business Register, or whose digital domicile has been officially canceled, or for which their digital domicile, even if declared, inactive, they must regularize their position by electronic communication to the competent Company Register for the area. In the event of failure to communicate, the law provides for the official assignment of a new and different digital domicile and an administrative sanction as provided for by articles 2630 (doubled for the company) and 2194 of the civil code (tripled for the sole proprietorship ):

  • From €206 to €2,064 for companies;
  • From €30 to €1,548 for sole proprietorships.

Five Advantages Of The Company’s PEC: Why Is It Worth Having It?

Certified Electronic Mail is a fast, cheap and secure communication tool that offers more excellent guarantees, unlike ordinary electronic mail. Let’s see together what are the five main advantages of the PEC companies :

  • Legal validity: the PEC allows companies to send a message with the same legal value as a formal registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Furthermore, the information regarding the transmission and delivery of the message is kept by the manager for 30 months;
  • Specific data and time: the PEC certifies the date and time of both shipment and delivery, always guaranteeing the identity of sender and recipient since all PEC addresses are verified and have legal value
  • Security and privacy: thanks to the security protocols, the PEC can guarantee the certainty of the content, which, together with the attachments, cannot be modified during transmission between the sender and the recipient. In addition, the advanced anti-virus and anti-spam systems protect Certified Email messages from any threat or intrusion. It should also be remembered that all messages sent via PEC are subject to a bond of secrecy such as that recognized by the Constitution for everyday correspondence;
  • Certification Authority: with the PEC, it is possible to send electronic documents signed with qualified electronic signatures that comply with the requirements and are issued by Accredited Certification Authorities, public or private;
  • Convenience and speed: the cost of the annual subscription to the PEC service is equivalent to around two registered paper letters. It allows you to send unlimited messages, with any attachments, quickly and easily from any device connected to the Internet at any time.

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