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The Importance of Reaching More Customers Through User-Friendly Websites

The Internet has advanced by leaps and bounds and has become a central pillar for business. That is why, today, a company without a web presence does not exist.

But it is not enough to have a website. If money and efforts are not invested in putting together a good online strategy, this will be a useless place where only contact information is offered, or it is so confusing that it does not attract any customers. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the objectives to be achieved. Whether it is an e-commerce site, or if its purposes are advertising, the design has to be planned to perfection. In addition, a website has to offer something interesting to the user, be it a service or the solution to a possible problem.

Here are some other key points that websites will need to meet in order to attract potential customers. But it is always interesting to take a look at the best ones and compare them with your own.

A website has to be fast

As in any field of business, the first impression is crucial. And in this field, the first impression of the user will be the time it takes to load the website. Every extra second will decrease your satisfaction. Instead, good speed helps you gain trust and be more willing to share your personal data.

On the other hand, it is important to know that Google includes the loading speed of websites in its search algorithm, and gives priority to those that meet a minimum speed. Thus, a website that is too slow will be penalized.

A website has to be secure

Network security is a key element and, if a website intends to attract customers, it is likely that they will have to authenticate themselves using a username and password, or they will have to enter personal or financial data. For this reason, it is important to generate the necessary trust by offering security guarantees.

In this sense, the website must use the HTTPS protocol. Otherwise, the information that you exchange with the user will not be encrypted, which represents a security breach that generates mistrust.

A website has to be easy to use

It is vital that the structure of the site is intuitive and easy to use, as this translates into usability. Usability contributes to improving the user experience so that they are more likely to visit the website again. It is an effective way to increase visits and retain customers, but it also represents an improvement when it comes to speeding up the precise handling of information. It reduces times, both for the user and for the company, and offers transparency, since the information is easier to locate.

A website must have a good positioning

For a website to attract new customers, it must first be able to find the page in the search engine. And for that, it is essential to have a good positioning strategy.

This is achieved through SEO optimization. Thanks to the use of keywords in the texts, and the inclusion of elements such as images, internal and external links, and offering quality content, the search algorithms will give priority to the website, making it easier to find.

Of course, it is not easy to find sites that meet all of the above, and many are abandoned or end up disappearing. But there are examples of famous websites that stand out for offering a customer-friendly experience, such as the Airbnb or Atlantic Records website. And, if the site has the proper positioning, the necessary security, and, above all, it is easy for the user to use, there will be more chances that they will end up becoming a loyal customer of the brand.