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Top 5 Latest Technology News

In case you missed them, here are the five tech events of the week and their impact on the market:

The Tenth Messaging Application That Will Bring Together Gmail, Drive, And Hangouts

According to the last report, Google is about to launch its new messaging tool to combine the capabilities of several of its devices into a single application. The report cites Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat and Google Drive, and a few Gmail functions among these integrated applications. It would be in the form of a mobile application. There was no mention of a computer or web version.

The impact on the market: This is excellent news. Many of us in the market use Google apps, but they have all evolved to different levels, and their differences in options are a bit confusing. It is time to clarify all this and consolidate the Google networks.

Reality Engine Artificial Intelligence Enhanced To Help Tech Companies Evaluate Their Data

Software company Reality Engine has launched a new artificial intelligence service: RealityEngine.AI, intending to help startups and large corporations. The new generation of artificial intelligence seeks to reduce the difference in data analytics between small startups and tech giants.

The impact on the market: According to them, organizations like Facebook and Google have an easier time collecting data, which is not the case for small businesses because they benefit from a smaller panel of data. So RealityEngines.AI is here to create synthetic data to increase the actual data threshold. Their website explains: “Our artificial intelligence tool makes an advanced learning system by using the customer’s data threshold, to generate predictions then. ”

The Government Is Pushing Online Sellers To Fight Counterfeit Technological Devices

The new instructions involve special monitoring of products imported from China. While China on its side begins to penalize counterfeit merchants, the United States will focus on sites like Walmart.com and Amazon, making them responsible for every fake product sold on their sites by third parties.

The impact on the market: For online sellers, this is a warning. Sales platforms on which there is trade in counterfeits could already be subject to severe penalties. Now is the time to strengthen product regulations.

Microsoft Updates Its Dynamics 365 Platform

This week, Microsoft revealed some of the improved settings and the ones they want to add to Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP, as well as its Power Platform. The impact on the market: Some of these new features will greatly benefit small businesses. For example, a new data export function on Dynamics 365 Marketing. Including the conversation emotion detection system for Sales Insight. Just like Power Automate, which will also be improved to increase its productivity.

Antivirus Plan To Support Windows 7

Although this month Microsoft is officially shutting down Windows 7, some Antivirus software has announced that they want to extend their support for the product for now. Indeed, with a few exceptions, most antivirus vendors have confirmed that their software will continue to operate on Windows 7 until 2022.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s program, Extended Security Updates (ESU), will only grant a few companies eligible for Windows 7 antivirus updates.

The impact on the market: Windows 7 is still widely appreciated by many small businesses that haven’t updated their PCs. And being able to rely on the creators of antiviruses to secure their systems is a real plus for Microsoft.