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Top 5 Technology Advancements To Improve Customer Service

More and more companies are betting on the implementation of the latest technological advances to improve their customers’ expectations. The implementation of new devices, the automation of tasks or Artificial Intelligence ensure that the needs of customers are satisfied.

No one can deny that customer service is important for any type of company, from small businesses to large multinationals. The quality of the service with which you interact is essential to achieve and maintain customer loyalty.

Today’s market customers expect brands to go beyond good service to meet their needs. If you can get your company to respond effectively to questions, complaints and future market needs, you will have a great competitive advantage.

In this article, we explain the top 5 technology advancements to improve customer service that will take a qualitative leap in customer service for your company.

1. Artificial Intelligence To Automate Tasks

One of the main obstacles to successfully meeting consumer expectations, and always offering the best service, is maintaining satisfaction at the representatives’ work.

A few weeks ago we were talking about “What is AI?” and its business benefits. Now we will focus on their strengths to improve customer service for companies.

In most workplaces, agents end up disappointed by the continuous repetition of unrewarding tasks. Searching, extracting and classifying content or giving answers to simple questions for long periods of time, among many other tasks, are actions that increase business costs and general employee dissatisfaction.

The main advantage of using machine learning is that it will help automate these monotonous, and often frustrating, tasks. In this way, workers get more time to be productive in other facets of greater satisfaction.

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2. Video Communication

In a globalized world, face-to-face communication is a powerful tool to improve and enrich public satisfaction.

Thanks to new technologies, offering a personalized and pleasant service for business-consumer interaction is easier than ever.

Video-communication and its wide range of solutions manage to effectively cover the main customer service needs of each brand. From making video meetings to streamline presentations to conducting online seminars or video conferences for thousands of attendees located anywhere on the planet …

Positioning yourself at the head of the market using these technologies is something that every company should take into account in its communication plan.

3. Chatbots, Helping Clients And Representatives

Using Chatbots is a very effective way to solve problems related to communication.

Chatbots are technological tools that bring great advances to make companies more agile and efficient in their relationships with their customers.

We already talked in another post about what a Chatbot is and what it is for. But its use goes beyond direct customer interaction.

Chatbots can be used by a brand’s customer service representatives to better cover their customers’ questions. A Chatbot streamlines the processes of employees when carrying out their tasks, making them more efficient, making it easy and simple for them to find specific documents.

The implementation and use of Chatbots will completely change customer service processes, making companies more effective in responding to customers and the most valuable agents by being able to dedicate themselves to more productive tasks.

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4. Blockchain And Customer Support For E-Commerce

The truth is that paying with Bitcoin is not that different from making payments with euros. So cryptocurrencies are not going to be a really important factor for consumer satisfaction. But the technology that Blockchain offers us attractive applications for contracting and transparency of transfers.

The Smart Contract, made possible by technology Blockchain is a breakthrough in automation, security and guarantees for traditional contracts.

These smart contracts are programs that execute agreements between two or more parties making certain actions happen as a result of fulfilling a series of specific conditions. Therefore, when a previously scheduled action is fulfilled, the Smart Contract automatically executes the corresponding clause.

In the workplace, Smart Contracts will help the company’s workers focus their efforts to provide value and less by arguing about payments or looking for money.

5. Data Mining To Get Personalized Services

In the internet ocean where we surf daily, we all leave an enormous amount of information in our wake. But less than 30% is information that is really worth it. Companies that properly analyze and leverage this data can use it to improve their business and boost consumers’ passion for their brand.

Firms that collect this large amount of information, combine it with effective technological tools such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence and their machine learning capabilities, will make the customer experience more rewarding and personalized.

Brands can develop individualized strategies to achieve the satisfaction of their consumers. Taking into account their opinions and comments, it is easy to discover their needs and performance patterns and thus customize the web design to the taste of each client.

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