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Top LMS To Rely On For Training Purposes

Recently, the world saw a scenario when every organization was forced to push their employees to work from home. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a roller-coaster, and everyone saw their highs and lows during the pandemic. It became difficult for the organizations to carry on with the training procedure to such an extent that many organizations failed at doing so.

After experiencing such an unprecedented incident, that put the hold world on hiatus for an indefinite period, organizations had to find a way to continue the employee training and tracking process. It took very little time to realize that the pandemic was not ending anytime soon, and the remote working environment was declining the quality of output.

Managers and HR professionals all around the world moved to a much more convenient method of offering remote training to their employees. Software development companies came up with the concept of Learning Management Systems, which were likely to change the flow of the work. LMS platforms like WorkRamp made it possible for managers to work on employee training efficiently and effectively. Here are five LMS that proved their mettle during the pandemic and carried out their purpose with efficiency and effectiveness:

  • WorkRamp: WorkRamp is one of the leading LMS platforms used by big companies like Reddit, PayPal, Zoom, etc. After having gained the trust of big shots like them, WorkRamp got a major boost in its users. This learning management system comes with an amazing user interface that makes it easy to understand. WorkRamp can be used to deliver courses, conduct events, provide certifications, offer product tutorials, and much more. The drag and drop editor lets the user create content effortlessly and the leverage to integrate plugins into the LMS makes it all the more convenient for the organizations to carry on with the employee training process. WorkRamp focuses on employee training and engagement, employee onboarding, workforce development, and microlearning.
  • Canvas: Canvas boasts to be the best learning management system in the world and it has its reasons for it. The modern user interface, a wide range of third-party integrations, and web hosting make it a perfect fit for organizations looking forward to carrying out remote employee training and engagement. The set of course-assembly tools that this LMS has onboard makes it quite a competitor to other leading learning management systems. This LMS offers a platform for sharing course modules, publishing course content, and enabling integration plugins. The open API used in Canvas makes it all the more convenient for the course developers and organizations to use and makes employee training efficient.
  • Moodle: Moodle is one of the most popular LMS platforms being used by organizations of all sizes. It offers a wide range of facilities to its users. Content developers can manage their courses using the wide set of features available in the Moodle software. Moodle also allows its users to add various components to keep the audience engaged throughout the lecture. Such features include adding assignments, live quizzes, games, multiple-choice questions, and much more. You can add courses, customize the look and feel of the UI, install plugins, add users, and do much more in Moodle.
  • Blackboard Learn LMS: Blackboard Learn is a platform that enhances the teaching and learning experience to such an extent that the learners are sure to fall in love with the process. Blackboard Learn focuses on teaching and learning innovations that drive student success and institutional performance. It offers a modern and innovative interactive learning interface that delivers a more influencing way of teaching and learning experience.

Conclusion: With the advent of learning management systems, it became possible for organizations of all sizes to deliver employee training efficiently and effectively and for educational institutions to continue the teaching and learning process even during the pandemic. Learning management systems such as WorkRamp, Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard Learn have given the trainers and teachers a splendid opportunity to explore the virtual learning environment. With online education on the rise, the use of LMS has drastically gone up in the past few years. These platforms are not only at par with the traditional teaching methods, they have an edge over them. By offering a heavy set of features and perks, these learning management systems have revolutionized the way of teaching, learning, and training.

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