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Trusted Cloud: New Partnership Between OVHcloud And Accenture Accelerates The Introduction

OVHcloud and Accenture have now agreed on a partnership to make it easier for companies to adopt the Trusted Cloud. Accenture’s integration expertise is combined with OVHcloud’s industrial know-how to achieve this.

As part of the partnership, cloud provider OVHcloud will join Accenture’s Sovereign Cloud Center of Excellence in France. The aim is to advise companies better on their hosting plans for sensitive data in the Trusted Cloud. The providers are pursuing two objectives with their partnership:

  • Combining OVHcloud’s industrial know-how with Accenture’s integration expertise to accelerate the development and integration of trusted information systems in companies. This strategy is facilitated by the Presence of both companies and the number of OVHcloud data centres that comply with necessary data protection regulations. These include C5 in Germany, SecNumCloud in France, Agid in Italy, and G Cloud in the UK.
  • Easier access to the new services and expertise through the integration of OVHcloud into Accenture’s Sovereign Cloud Center of Excellence network, initially offered in France. The Presence provides a privileged point of contact with regulated companies and public organisations to understand and address their sovereignty requirements. The sovereignty of the Trusted Cloud is guaranteed above all by the integrated, resilient, and sustainable industrial model of OVHcloud.

Trusted Cloud Meets Transparency And Accessibility Requirements

The alliance between OVHcloud and Accenture allows its customers to make the best choice regarding technology and data location. And with the exact requirements for transparency, reversibility, and accessibility of the systems. OVH cloud hosted its first German OVHcloud Engage Event on June 1, 2022, at the Hannover Messe. The OVHcloud Engage informed customers and partners on how to develop a Trusted Cloud. At the event, OVHcloud also provided the first insights into the new data centre in Limburg, which is scheduled to operate in 2023. In April 2022, OVHcloud announced the construction of a second data centre at the Limburg site to provide the growing customer and partner community with appropriate infrastructure.

A new data centre with 40,000 servers, including infrastructure, will be built on a gross area of ​​around 5,000 square metres in Limburg. This increases the total capacity of OVHcloud to 80,000 servers. The data centre, which only uses the cooling water systems developed by OVHcloud itself, is intended to set new standards, particularly in energy efficiency and waste heat recovery. Therefore, in the new building, among other things, the return flow of the server room cooling is used to heat the offices via underfloor heating. The building will have a green facade and roof to compensate for sealed areas.

Partner Awards Presented At OVHcloud Engage

The following initiatives were also presented at OVHcloud Engage: Open Trusted Cloud Program, OVHcloud Startup Program, OVHcloud Partner Program, and OVHcloud Marketplace. To recognize particularly committed partners, OVHcloud created the Partner Awards, which were presented at the end of the OVHcloud Engage. Bechtle Clouds GmbH Bechtle was named “New Partner of the Year 2022” as one of largest and most advanced cloud system houses. The IT service provider Werum Software & Systems AG was named “Business Excellence Partner of the Year.” The startup Security received the award “Rising Star of the Year” thanks to its patented technology, Trusted Execution Environments.

OVHcloud is a European cloud provider that operates 400,000 servers in 33 of its data centres on four continents. The company uses an integrated model that ensures complete control over the value chain. This ranges from developing your servers and managing your data centres to orchestrating your fibre-optic network.

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