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Upload YouTube Video – Here How It Works

Would you like to upload a video to your YouTube channel? We’ll show you what you need to consider.

Uploading videos to YouTube is straightforward and free. All you need is a YouTube channel. This post will show you step-by-step what you need to know – from uploading to detailed settings.

How to upload videos to YouTube

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Step 1: Click on the camera symbol with the plus and click on “Upload video “.

2nd step: Select the file to be uploaded. Either by drag-and-drop or via “Select files “.

3rd step: Find the video you want in File Explorer, then click Open.

4th step: You can then make important settings on your YouTube video. This includes, first of all, a title and a description. You can add information about your video and further links in the description. While you are making the settings, the video is automatically uploaded to YouTube for you in the background but not yet published.

5th step: Optionally, you can also assign the video to a playlist. You must also indicate whether the video is suitable for children. If so, select: “Yes, it is especially for children” – otherwise, “No, it is not especially for children “. Proceed with “Next “.

6th step: In the next step, add credits or info cards to your video upload. These video elements are optional and are used to promote similar material from your YouTube channel at the end of the video. Then click on “Next “.

7th step: In the last step, you determine who can see the video and when it will be published. Three options can be activated via the radio button.

  • Public: This option makes the video available to everyone using YouTube search.
  • Not listed: Users with the video link can only view the video.
  • Private: Only you and selected users can watch the video.

Once all settings have been made, complete the upload to YouTube with “Save “.

Quick start Guide

  1. Go to the camera symbol with the + in the upper right corner and click on “Upload video “.
  2. Then select the desired video via “Select files” or drag and drop it into the browser window.
  3. Now you should make some settings. Above all, a meaningful video title and description are important.
  4. Decide which age group the video is intended for. Select either “Yes, it’s specially designed for kids” or “No, it’s not specially designed for kids”. “Next” takes you to the next step.
  5. In addition, so-called info cards or credits can be inserted in the YouTube video. However, these elements are optional.
  6. The YouTube video is already uploading in the background. In the end, you can choose between three options for whom the YouTube video should be visible. “Public “, “Private”, or “Not Listed “are available here.
  7. Decide on an option and complete the upload to YouTube with “Save “.

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