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Use OneDrive, AzureAD And Teams Effectively Windows 11 And The Cloud

From one perspective, the individuals who depend on Windows 11 can rely upon cloud benefits that Microsoft has firmly coordinated with the working framework. Then again, the cloud offers from outsider makers can be utilized. We give an outline and show the training.

The login to Windows 11 should be possible straightforwardly with a responsible Promotion. The new working framework additionally upholds accounts from Microsoft 365 here. The benefit for clients is that they can’t enroll again for the singular cloud benefits yet depend on single sign-on (SSO ). The association with Sky blue Promotion has become more straightforward thus.

Use Azure AD And Microsoft 365 With Windows 11

The connection to Azure AD can be seen in the settings under “Accounts\Access work or school account”. At this point, links to Azure AD can also be created in Windows 10. This connection to the cloud is, therefore, familiar in Windows 11. It has just become more convenient. After signing in to an account from Azure AD and Microsoft 365, Windows 11 shows recent documents in the Start menu. Documents from SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business can also be seen here. Windows 11 also uses information from the OneDrive client on Android and iOS devices.

Windows 11 Home Wants A Microsoft Account And An Internet Connection

Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise still allow operation with a local account without a connection to the Internet. This is different from Windows 11 Home. Microsoft wants to enforce that users log in with a Microsoft account and connect the computer to the Internet. Whether this can be adjusted is currently only partially specific.

But there are tricks to avoid this forced registration with Microsoft. To do this, users enter incorrect login data several times and disable the Internet connection. Then Windows 11 Home assumes no connection can be established and allows you to log in with a local user account.

Windows 11 And Microsoft Teams

Additionally new is the tight Groups mix of Windows 11. Microsoft has straightforwardly incorporated its own Groups client into Windows 11, allowing you to sign on to Microsoft accounts, not to Microsoft 365 or other everyday schedule accounts. The client shows up as a purple symbol with a white camera in Windows 11.

The client can likewise open the whole group’s client interface. This relates to the Microsoft Groups work area client interface without the choice to sign on to Microsoft 365. The focal point of the visiting client in Windows 11 is the spread of Microsoft Groups for private families and the chance to design gatherings here.

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Windows 11 And OneDrive

In general, OneDrive in Windows 11 corresponds to the possibilities other cloud providers enable in Windows 10/11. In Windows 11, the typical clients from all well-known cloud storage providers can be installed. The benefit of using OneDrive is that cloud storage is more tightly integrated with the operating system.

In addition to various synchronization functions that other cloud storages offer, OneDrive has closely integrated with the Windows 11 settings, for example, for data backup or protection against ransomware. OneDrive is the central storage location for data backup for Windows 11.

In principle, the range of functions of OneDrive in Windows 11 corresponds to that of Windows 10. Only Microsoft has connected the cloud storage even more closely to the operating system. In the settings, via “System\Storage” in Windows 11, comprehensive adjustments and analyses of local storage use can be called up.

Microsoft has also included OneDrive in “Advanced storage settings”. For example, data backup to OneDrive can be configured and activated via “Backup options”. OneDrive must be configured in Windows 11 the same way as in Windows 10. The settings can be called up via the context menu of the OneDrive client. This is used for logging in to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business accounts.

Book Windows 11 As A Cloud PC

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft is also making it possible to book Windows 11 through its cloud PC, Windows 365. The same prices and licenses apply when booking Windows 10 in Windows 365. However, it is not advisable to book Upgrade already existing machines in Windows 365 from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Because as part of the update, the cloud PC is no longer available and must be reset. This should only be done once Microsoft offers the update via Windows Update or the Windows 365 web interface.

New Microsoft Store And Further Edition In Prospect

With Windows 11, Microsoft also wants to modernize the store and customize the interface. Microsoft is rumored to plan a new edition of Windows 11 called “Windows 11 SE”, primarily focusing on apps from the new store. Whether this version will appear and what range of functions it offers has yet to be fully clear. It could be the successor to Windows 10 S.

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