What Are Routers And A Wifi Router?

Router: Meaning

The router can sort data packets and correctly rout them to the recipient devices. Let’s find out its characteristics and differences from other similar devices (such as modems). A router, sometimes translated with the definition of router or switch, is an electronic device whose task is to correctly sort data packets to address them to their respective recipients. The importance of the router lies not only in its ability to direct data traffic but also in the fact that this tool represents the contact node between 2 or more different networks, thus allowing mutual communication between all the devices connected to them.

The simplest case is that of a home ADSL router. On the one hand, it is connected via a LAN cable or wireless wifi network to the electronic devices we have at home, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. On the other hand, it is connected to the internet via a modem connected to the ADSL line. Due to the close link between their activities, modems and routers are often integrated into one device.

The spread of the latter devices, provided on loan for use by telephone companies or which can be purchased separately, is mainly due to the need to connect a more significant number of devices, even within home networks, than in the past. Before purchasing a router, therefore, it is necessary to know its characteristics and, at the same time, the differences that distinguish it from other connection tools. In detail, today there are on the market:

  • Modem: This is responsible for modulation (MO) and demodulation (DEM) of the signal that comes from the telephone pair and is transmitted to the terminal.
  • A router is responsible for distributing the signal to the various connected devices. It must be placed between the modem and the connection terminals.
  • Modem-router: a tool that combines one and the other in a single device, affecting the ease of setting up a LAN network.
  • Range extender: that device capable of further extending the wifi signal to reach larger surfaces with the same network.

Wifi Modem: Meaning

A wifi modem is a gadget that is associated with the web without utilizing links. Here are all the fundamental data on these gadgets that are helpful and present daily. A wifi modem is a gadget through which web association is guaranteed without links in the space where there is line inclusion. In particular, a modem is a gadget used to associate a terminal, like a PC, and the information transmission organization. In the original modems, not outfitted with remote innovation, the association was guaranteed through a solitary ethernet port from which the link associated with the terminal began.

Notwithstanding, on account of the most present-day wifi modems, the association can simultaneously be made remotely and over a solitary gadget. Today, the modem switches are available to carry out the twofold role of coding and directing the sign. The developing need to interface different gadgets to a similar phone line, both inside homes and in organizations, has sped up the improvement of wifi modems that likewise capability of a switch.

Wifi modems and more established age ones are generally made accessible by phone organizations borrowed with the expectation of complimentary use or recruitment. In any case, nothing keeps the customer from having the apparatus that best suits his requirements.

Before buying a modem, a wifi modem, or a switch, notwithstanding, having an unmistakable comprehension of the contrast between the various gadgets available today is fundamental:

  • Modem: performs modulation (MO) and demodulation (DEM) functions of the signal coming from the telephone pair and to be transmitted to the terminal;
  • Router: it is the device that carries out the function of distributing the signal to the various devices. As it is not directly connected to the internet, it must be positioned between the modem and the terminals to which the signs are sent;
  • Modem-router: it is the device that combines both of them in a single device, contributing to an easier preparation of the home network or company LAN. It connects to the telephone network through the cable and redistributes the signal wirelessly.

Range extenders should also be mentioned, devices capable of further extending the wifi signal over a larger area.

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