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What Engagement Means: How To Involve The Public

Engagement (translated into Italian as ‘ Involvement ‘) is the ability of a product to interest its audience, establishing a solid and lasting relationship with the latter. When we talk about ‘Product’, we use the term broadly as it can refer to a real product, material or digital, to a service, and to a brand as a whole. Engagement gives us a measure of the effectiveness of advertising communication about its ability to involve its target over time, motivating consumers to interact or to be interested in the good.

What Is Engagement

Engagement is the involvement of the public in a brand/service/product. But what exactly do we mean by ‘ involvement ‘? Here it is useful to introduce another concept, that of inbound marketing. Unlike traditional outbound marketing, the latter consists of an approach to corporate communication that does not aim to impose promotional content on the user’s attention but seeks to win his interest through the quality of the content offered.

In this sense, Engagement gives us a measure of the success achieved by an inbound promotion campaign. It is based on the interaction and spontaneous participation of the public in the company’s content. In this regard, social media are the preferred channel for developing a strategy that aims to increase the involvement of one’s target.

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Engagement Tools

There are many tools available to a brand to create Engagement, and they share a distinctive trait: the consumer chooses to use the content offered by the brand from a Permission Marketing perspective. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., web searches (SEO), and pay-per-click promotion campaigns are all resources characterized by their non-invasiveness. They are not imposed on people but choose from it.

The Centrality Of Content

A strategy that aims to increase the Engagement between a product and its audience puts the content at the center of its interests. However, the word ‘content’ also needs further specification. Here we refer to any communicative act produced by a brand to attract its target: videos, images, texts, etc., as long as they can arouse an interest capable of going beyond the mere aspect of product promotion.

Why Invest In Engagement Strategies

Creating a lasting relationship with your audience allows you to acquire a pool of loyal users. However, this is valid only in an interactive communication dynamic: involving the public means consolidating a relationship of mutual trust, in which the company provides added value that does not stop at the supply of products and services, and the user spontaneously reciprocates through active participation in corporate brand communication; participation that can be translated into data, market indications, suggestions. In addition, a community of loyal fans can be an exceptional sounding board for conveying corporate content, favoring the acquisition of new audience segments, and preserving the relationship of trust with those already acquired.

The Advantages

Creating real customer experiences and relationships is an effective method for acquiring new and retaining existing ones. Being able to establish a relationship allows you to have loyal customers who will be willing to spend even more to purchase the products/services.

Furthermore, data on customer characteristics allows you to create customized messages using a multi-channel communication approach comprising blogs, email marketing, and social media.

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