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What Is Google Chromecast And How It Works?

Google has just announced the availability of Chromecast, a small device with the appearance of a USB memory with which we can transform any television with a port HDMI on a smart TV. Google breaks the barriers of entry to this new type of multimedia experiences since Chromecast, which can already be purchased on Google Play and in stores like Amazon, costs 35 euros. We show you how Chromecast works.

How Does Chromecast Work?

The Chromecast works very easily and is comfortable to use. To start using it, you just have to connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of the television and connect it to the WiFi network at home. In this way, we can see on the screen of our television the content sent from the tablet, the computer or the mobile, through our WiFi network and without the need to connect any cables or need any remote control.

What Can We Do With It?

We can play a movie, a TV program or a video from our smartphone or tablet. To do this, we open YouTube, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music or the Chrome browser on the device and start playing the video or song that we want to broadcast. We press the send button, we select Chromecast and we can already enjoy the content on the television.

Can We Continue To Use The Tablet Or Phone While?

Yes, once the multimedia content has been sent to the television, we can open another application on the smartphone or tablet, or a new tab in the browser, so that, for example, we can write an email, tweet or search for something on the Internet.

Can Content Be Sent From The Internet?

Yes, with Chromecast you can send a tab (yes, exclusively from Google’s Chrome browser) with different types of content from the Windows or Mac laptop.

What Platforms Does It Work With?

Chromecast works with Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Chrome for Windows and Chrome for Mac. It will soon be compatible with Chromebooks, Google computers.

Can Content Be Played From Non-Google Apps?

Yes, there is life beyond YouTube and Google Play. In the United States, where the device has been available for months, it can be used with applications such as Hulu or Netflix that, unfortunately, are not in Spain.

In our country, the website Wuaki.tv has announced that it is working to give Chromecast support shortly. The company will launch a trial program where the first 1,000 subscribers ofWuaki.tv who request it will be able to acquire Chromecast at a lower price than the market price. In this way, they will be able to view all the Wuaki.tv content on their television, even if it is not a Smart TV, from their tablet, smartphone or browser.

A very interesting option is Plex, a media centre r that we can install on our smartphone or computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) that works with Chromecast so that we can send multimedia content to television. Avia Media Player and Real Player Cloud are other alternatives.

Conclusions About The Chromecast

The device Google for watching TV is a success, genius we all expected. It is simple if you want to forget about using VGA cables and enjoy the content of your tablet from your television in the most comfortable and simple way, this gadget is perfect. If you have an iPhone, surely an Apple Tv is better for you.

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