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Sales Automation And Digital Marketing: What Is It And What Are The Benefits

Since the explosion of digital marketing, marketing automation tools have been used to attract more qualified leads. Just as face-to-face sellers need to be agile and accurate in their service, digital marketing needs assertiveness in personalized content and automated tasks to attract customers.

According to a survey, 80% of companies use marketing automation tools to improve strategies, and in the next five years, this could increase to 98%. Digital sales and marketing automation is a technique that helps reduce time and improve sales figures. In today’s blog, we will explain more about this strategy.

What Is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is a series of actions based on the customer’s buying journey with sales strategies to meet their needs. With the use of an automation tool, potential leads are remembered by your brand so that those who are already mature make the purchase and those who still need to continue to be worked on within the sales funnel.

In the sales area, this automation collaborates so that salespeople can better organize their demands to dedicate themselves to providing exemplary service to each customer individually, solving their needs with customization. At the same time, the machine does all the nutrition.

Is it clear why it would be a waste of time and productivity for the sales team if they shot content for leads themselves? The seller can only be concerned with solving the customer’s problems, thus increasing the number of sales and helping the business grow.

An excellent example of a sales automation system is email marketing software. Can you send each sales email manually to the customer mailing list? How long would it take? This type of program cuts down on service time as well as the chance of errors as well.

For automation to be a reality in the best possible way, choose a tool that is compatible with your business, as a wrong choice can hinder the flow of content and disrupt the nutrition of your lead.

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What Are The Benefits Of Sales Automation And Digital Marketing?

Now that you know what sales automation and digital marketing are, we separate some advantages of obtaining this type of software. Check out:

Cost Reduction

As the tool automates activities, having a large team configured is optional. This reduces your company’s expenses and saves employees time with repetitive actions.

Lead Nurturing

Is your sales funnel full of leads? Now is the time to nurture them with meaningful content. You can guide your information to closing the deal through attraction: sending subjects that generate curiosity or satisfy a need for them. It’s much better than passively waiting for it to come.

For this, it is essential to know the lead well and activate his correct persona.

Control Of Results

It is essential to obtain reports of results for data analysis. How many people opened the email, clicked on the links, and asked not to be notified anymore? All of this can be found in a marketing automation tool.

Marketing automation generates accurate results from the flow. Based on them, it is possible to evaluate each campaign’s operation and engagement and help with improvements so that there is always more fluidity and assertiveness in actions. The investment could be justified through these metrics generated in the reports.


What company doesn’t want to grow? Sales automation allows for this growth because while the tool does all the repetitive work, employees can dedicate themselves to their activities, thus increasing the company’s productivity and scalability.

Personalized Communication

Automating your sale also means creating personas for different audiences. Even if it’s just a product or service, it’s necessary to have at least two personas because, despite the leads having the same interests, they are entirely different people,

Increased Competitiveness

When your company gets the delivery and quality right, customers are satisfied and recommend the service/product. Therefore, with a marketing automation tool, your assertiveness increases and, consequently, your market competitiveness.

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