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WhatsApp Showing Status Updates In The Main Chat

WhatsApp is the most critical messenger in the western world and is constantly being optimized. Most improvements make sense, but we’re still determining the following case. Because WhatsApp plans to display status updates in the main chat. WhatsApp is the most important communication platform in many countries and regions worldwide. Messenger replaced SMS many years ago. The service, which belongs to Facebook and Meta, was initially primarily text-based, but it is now multimedia in many respects. That’s good because WhatsApp allows you to send photos, videos and the like.

This is the implementation of access to status updates of WhatsApp accounts directly from the chat list. The update will be identified by a blue circle around the icon associated with the report that posted the Status update. It will still be possible to consult all the updates in the dedicated section of the app, just like before. The chat list will propose status updates in chronological order associated with the chats. It is also possible to refrain from receiving these updates. Just disable the reception of status updates on WhatsApp. In addition to this novelty, the development team is also working on other features. WABetaInfo did the teardown of the latest version of WhatsApp for Android. This concerns the management of WhatsApp groups.

As you can see from the image below, the new section will give immediate access to the list of participants who intend to join the WhatsApp group to decide whether or not to approve. This section will make particular sense for all WhatsApp Business groups created to enrich themselves with new users who join spontaneously. The new section will be primarily for group administrators and allow you to manage all new subscriptions faster. The novelty we have just seen is currently under development and, therefore, not publicly available. We still expect it to come for the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp.

The stories have also been around for a while. These can be several pictures and videos that you can add text to, which you can put together to form a story and, in this way, tell what you have just experienced or what moves you. These can currently be found in a separate tab. On the left is the account with “Chats”, on the right are the calls and in between is the area for “Status”. This is also relatively unobtrusive. New stories or updates to already seen ones are displayed with a dot, but if you want to ignore this functionality, you can do so without any problems.

Useful Or Intrusive?

However, this is likely to become more difficult in the future: As reported by WABetaInfo, Messenger is currently testing a function that moves stories to the main chat. Where individual and group discussions are found, status updates may also appear. So whenever a contact posts a new account, it appears in the main menu. You can – as already – mute them, but this only applies to individual users and their updates. You can’t completely prevent it at the moment. This new functionality is currently being tested. This test is also not generally available but is only available to a probably randomly selected group of testers. It now needs to be made clear whether this will happen.

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