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Which Microphone Is The Best For YouTube?

If you start publishing your videos on YouTube, you should get a microphone optimally suited for the respective video type. Therefore, in this article, I will get to the bottom of the question, “Which microphone is the best for YouTube?” and give recommendations for different purposes. You can also find out which microphone I use for my YouTube videos.

The Sound Quality In Videos

With a podcast, the sound quality is, of course, the be-all and end-all because there is only sound here. But the sound quality is also essential for YouTube videos. Many even think that good sound is more important in a video than a good picture. I see it similarly, although it depends on the type of video. Therefore, selecting the right microphone for recording YouTube videos is also essential.

Which Microphone Is For YouTube?

There are many different types of YouTube videos, and just as different cameras are used, it’s essential to use the best microphone for the situation. Here are four different use cases and my recommendations for the best microphone for each.

Microphone For YouTube Studio Recording

Studio recordings can take place with one or more people; if you only want to use one microphone, it should be adjustable. Different directional characteristics are crucial, as is a tripod and a certain degree of insensitivity to sound. After all, the microphone is in the room and is not directly on the mouth. The Blue Yeti microphone is an excellent recommendation for precisely this purpose. The sound quality is excellent, and four different polar patterns allow it to be used by one, two or more people. Three condenser microphone capsules ensure this.

In addition, the microphone has an excellent price/performance ratio.

Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB Microphone For Recording, Streaming, Podcasting,..*

  • The professional Yeti USB microphone features PreSonus and iZotope custom recording software for advanced studio mastering and pro-level audio content.
  • With automatic setup and sound processing for rich vocals and music, custom Yeti Studio templates make single recording voices or multiple people super easy.
  • PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphone Edition recording software provides professional tools and intuitive workflows to start recording and streaming quickly.
  • With the mastering software iZotope Ozone Elements, the tracks can be optimized in professional streaming quality for music recordings, podcasts, YouTube videos and much more.
  • With automatic setup and sound processing for rich vocals and music, custom Yeti Studio templates make single recording voices or multiple people super easy.

Microphone For Stationary YouTube Recordings

There are many occasions when one records a video alone while stationary, for example, sitting at a table. If you don’t want to have a large microphone in the picture, in this case, a lavalier microphone is a good idea. This clip-on microphone is tiny and is connected to the video camera or the recording PC via a cable. You can also connect it wirelessly to the PC or use an audio recorder for separate audio recording. The sound quality of a good lavalier microphone is excellent and stays that way thanks to the constant distance from the mouth. The Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone has an internal pop filter and is waterproof. The sound quality is excellent, as is typical for Rode.

RØDE SmartLav+ Smartphone Lavalier Microphone With TRRS Connector For Broadcast, Film Production,…*

  • Complete mobile filmmaking kit
  • Directional sound pickup to reduce background noise
  • MicroLED light proposals north of four active times on a solitary charge
  • Three-position tripod for handheld or static use
  • Gimbal tripod head for accurate camera positioning

Microphone For Mobile YouTube Recording

When you’re on the go, it’s getting harder to ensure good sound quality for YouTube recordings. Here it would help if you had a special external microphone, which makes good sound recordings at a distance and is insensitive to the wind. The Rode VidMic Go is a perfect microphone that can be attached to video cameras. It is a directional microphone that picks up everything in front of the camera. An additional windbreak made of synthetic fur improves the sound quality even more. This microphone is often used as a vlog microphone on the go.

RØDE VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Shotgun Microphone For Creating Movies That…*

  • The Boompole Bag is a quality neoprene carry bag designed to accommodate a boom pole with a shock mount and microphone for easy transport.
  • Quality neoprene carry bag
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Microphone For Streams

Streamers also need a good microphone, and several types are suitable for this. High-quality headsets with a microphone can work like a stand microphone on the table. The Rode NT USB is a good microphone that offers excellent sound and is used by many YouTubers. It’s also straightforward to use but only works well with one person.

RØDE NT-USB Adaptable USB Condenser Receiver With Studio Quality, Pop Channel, And Stand For…*

  • High-quality studio microphone with a practical USB connection
  • It features a distinctive tone to add warmth and presence to your recordings, delivering stunning sound on speech, vocals, guitar – whatever comes before it
  • In addition to the studio-quality headphone amplifier and a high-quality 3.5mm headphone jack, it also features precise volume control so you can easily control your audio recordings
  • Unique onboard digital signal processing gives access to a noise gate, compressor, APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom (accessed via free RØDE Connect software for PC/Mac)
  • Integrated 360-degree swivel mount allows for quick and easy positioning on a desk, mic stand, or articulated arm stand

The Best Microphone For YouTube

So there is no best microphone for YouTube. It always depends on the environment in which you record videos. It would help if you choose the right microphone accordingly.

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