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Why Automation Is Now More Important Than Ever?

The crisis caused by the effects of COVID-19 is affecting everyone. Regardless of their industry or size, companies are reinventing themselves to change the way they do business and continue to offer services to their customers.

Although it is true that as a result of the measures taken to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus, the volume of services may have decreased, the leaders of the companies are having to face other challenges.

As a result of the quarantine, many companies are receiving a higher number of inquiries. The reduction of personnel in some work areas and the uncertainty of how long this situation will last, makes managers have to find effective ways to maintain the service satisfactorily.

Although it is true that the attention and customer service needs people to be able to be executed. Confinement measures and social distancing to combat the virus mean that other working methods have to be used to remain efficient.

So, right now we see how managers are looking for solutions that help protect their employees while serving the needs of their customers.

The automation, especially that incorporates driven systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), is useful for businesses to remain productive.

While many companies were already aware of their value and were beginning to use them on a regular basis, others are beginning to familiarize themselves with them now. Today we are going to focus on five ways automation can help your business remain efficient.


Self-service is becoming the norm for many companies in providing an effortless experience at scale.

To do this, organizations resort to automated interaction methods such as virtual assistants and other technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Chatbots – Virtual agents provide written responses and can refer customers to complete automated tasks and processes
  • Task automation – Some tasks like registering a product or resetting a website password can be easily automated and improve the user experience.

Improving Workflows

In the digital age, consumers contact brands using a large number of channels. Each of the different favourite social networks plays a fundamental role for your customers to ask for more information, make suggestions or make a complaint.

A large amount of information and data that is generated every minute on social networks makes monitoring them effectively a job, in most cases, impossible for a correct human to do.

But, for Artificial Intelligence automation systems, they are able to process all that information and distribute workflows to make your company more agile, solving consumer communications.

Automating these flows will help your business to be more effective and faster and will prevent complaints from escalating uncontrollably, achieving a better customer experience.

Dynamic Email Routers

In many occasions, the communication emails between consumers and brands become ” disaster boxes “, where a lot of valuable information is lost for the normal operation of the company.

Here, Natural Language Processing (PLN) can be useful by automating the reading and classification of emails, and then instantly distributing them to the corresponding departments or even giving a direct response to the customer.

Although the level of orders may decrease in periods such as the current one, the communication load between consumer and brand tends to increase. Email finder tools inbox is a great way to streamline your processes and become more efficient.

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Document Management

One of the departments that can be saturated in work moments like the one we are currently experiencing may be in charge of document management.

Even without being a direct way to generate income, your company will have to process and extract valuable information in large amounts of documents so that the normal operation of your business maintains its usual cycle.

Thanks to cognitive RPAs, you can automate the reading, processing and extraction of data information in your company’s recurring documents.

Service Levels

Time is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining service level agreements. Although user demands may be more relaxed due to the current climate, the reality is that consumers expect a timely response within established deadlines.

Once again, automation ensures the progress of the processes. Timers can be configured as tasks are created, with the goal of reaching agreement and agreed to service level.


Automation is not a new thing for business or customer service departments. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, companies were adopting it to improve accuracy, speed, and volume of work.

In these uncertain times, business innovation leaders must be even more agile and efficient to maintain the success of their businesses. Automation and Artificial Intelligence can help complete essential tasks and improve the consumer experience.

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