Why You Should Learn To Read Price Action

It is no wonder that the Forex market has some nooks that are highly confounding. This is especially true of different technical analyses which can take traders to the verge of losing their minds. Still, people retain their trust in technical analyses. They think that a complex analysis is more accurate in providing relevant data. They think analyzing more information will give them more precise clues about the future of the market. But the opposite is actually true.

Why You Should Learn To Read Price Action

You are more likely to distract yourself with a pile of unnecessary information provided by technical analyses. Learning to read price action will change your entire trading system. You will find price action easy to read and this will enable you to recognize different signals by assessing the minimum amount of information.

You will find price action:

1. Clean And Transparent

One of the biggest reasons an investor should choose price action to analyze the market is its concise and clear manner. It will dismantle all the scenarios that look quite puzzling in the technical analyses and make them more transparent. They will simply be easier to perceive.

People love to explain concepts from the perspective of their own understanding. Being a popular phenomenon all around the world, the Forex market gets explained by millions of people in a million different ways. It is not too difficult to get lost in the huge sea of opinions.

A trader who trades price action can keep himself out of the unnecessary and avoidable buzzes fleeting around the market. If you deal with the IPO, you will soon learn the importance of precision in trade execution.

2. Of The Money And For The Money

The price action chart reflects the traders’ psychology more than any other established patterns or analysis systems. One can infer what is going on in the other traders’ minds just by watching the course of their price action.

A point that tells an investor to invest more, traders think it of as more of a selling point. When the price goes up, it implies that the number of people who are buying is greater than the number of people who are selling. On the other hand, when the price plummets, it is an indication of more peoples’ interest in selling.

It is totally irrelevant what elements or factors have made traders in Hong Kong to make such decisions. All you need to decide is your stand in the aftermath. Price action represents this better than any other method of analysis.

3. Not Entitled To News

Like those elements and factors that influence people making their decisions get irrelevant in the price action, so does the news. Price successfully reflects all the changes that occur in the Forex industry instantly.

There is no logic to reading and watching all the news. Just get enough information to help make congruent prediction about the future. The moment an investor comes to know about some news, it has already impacted the market with all its influence. You are already late in making a move. But if a trader is trading with price action, he doesn’t have to think about news at all.

Price action will indicate the change that has been brought about by the news the second it hits the air. This is just an invaluable edge if you can exploit it correctly in your favor. No analysis on earth will offer you such privilege but price action. You do not have to read all the news and do not feel the pressure the global economy is undergoing. The only thing you do is keep an eye on the price action and take instant actions following instruction.


The trading profession can seem overwhelmingly stressful for foreign currency exchange traders if they trade all these complicated analytical systems. Learning to read price action can literally be lifesaving once a trader starts to believe in the system and utilize it in everyday trading.

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